Paul Love Is Blind: Why His And Rachel Relationship Ended?

Are you watching the new Love Is Blind season? The fourth season of The Bachelor has finally premiered on Netflix, and we get to meet many new single men and women looking for love. Paul Peden is one of the lucky singles we have met this season.

“Finding happiness in small things,” according to Paul Peden, is the key to his heart. He usually dates women who aren’t good for him and gets bored quickly.

He hopes to meet a nurturing woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously by participating in the social experiment. Many single women participate in this experiment, but will any of them live up to Paul’s expectations? Here’s everything else you need to know about this promising single! Keep reading this article to know about Paul Love Is Blind. 

Love Is Blind Paul Peden Age

Unfortunately, no one knows Paul’s exact date of birth other than Paul. On the other hand, we know he is 29 years old. He is also believed to have moved to Seattle, Washington, from New Orleans, located in Louisiana. From the beginning, Paul stood out from the other contestants on the show.

Paul Love Is Blind

Paul is a self-described “nerd” who loves comic books, video games, and other geeky hobbies. He is also passionate about fitness and enjoys working out at the gym. Paul’s eclectic interests and sense of humor made him a memorable presence on the show.

How Tall Is Paul Peden?

Paul’s height is unknown, but he looks at least average height for a male (5’9) or taller. In addition to that, he has brown hair that is curly and green eyes. Throughout the season, Paul developed a connection with several of the female contestants.

However, he struggled with the idea of proposing without ever having seen his potential partner in person. Paul felt that physical attraction was an important part of a successful relationship, and he was hesitant to commit to someone he had never seen. You know that Love is Blind, a reality show. If you want to read about the other couple’s relationships from Love is Blind, check out Dom And Georgia’s Relationship.

Love Is Blind Paul Peden Instagram

Were you trying to locate Paul’s account on Instagram? If that’s the case, his handle is @paulpeden, and you can find him there. When you scroll through his page, it will become immediately apparent that Paul enjoys outdoor activities such as scuba diving and fishing based on the pictures he posts.


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You can also find photos of friends and family members and some selfies on his page. The numerous photographs that Paul took during his travels are, however, what draws the most attention to Paul’s page. It should come as no surprise that he has an interest in photography.

Love Is Blind Paul Peden Tiktok

Paul’s TikTok handle is @paulpremium, and you can find him there. If you enjoy cooking and are always looking for fresh ideas for food, you should follow Paul on TikTok because his page is dedicated to everything related to food.

You’ll find videos of him preparing various dishes in the kitchen, including tamales, oyster stew, macaroni and cheese, sugarcane shrimp, and other words. If you want to read about Love Is Blind Season 3 in detail, we suggest you read our post Love Is Blind Season 3.

Who Did Paul Make Connections With On The Show?

Despite his reservations, Paul formed a strong bond with a contestant named Rachel. The two connected over their shared interests in fitness and comic books. Rachel was also a big fan of Paul’s humor and appreciated his honesty about his concerns. Eventually, Paul decided to leap faith and propose to Rachel.

Why Did Paul And Rachel Stop D@ting?

After the couple met in person for the first time, they seemed to hit it off. They both expressed that they were instantly attracted to each other and were excited to start their lives together. However, as the season progressed, Paul began to doubt the relationship.

He felt that Rachel was not as physically fit as he would like and worried that their differences in this area could cause problems down the line.

Conclusion: Paul’s journey on Love Is Blind was a rollercoaster of emotions. He captivated viewers with his quirky personality and unique approach to d@ting. While his engagement to Rachel ultimately did not work out, Paul’s openness and honesty about his concerns resonated with many fans. It will be interesting to see where Paul’s search for love takes him next.

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