Love Is Blind’s Season 3 Release Date Status Confirmed or Not? Everything We Know So Far!

Is love blind or hazy? After the second season of Netflix’s show “Love Is Blind” wraps out, impatient viewers will be able to enjoy more pod-based dating and plenty of drama.

In February 2022, the show’s creator Chris Coelen confirmed to the U.K. newspaper Metro that filming on season three had already begun. It’s impossible to compare the seasons. Season three is a distinct entity from either season one or two.”

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett, as well as Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, both found love sight-unseen in the Netflix reality TV series, which premiered in February 2020.

In the second season, two couples, Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, and Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones, tied the wedding after the experiment was completed.

According to Coelen, “the fascinating part is that they really, truly embraced the experiment side of it,” which is why the show was a hit. In our conversations, we’re always saying that it’s an experiment first and a television show second.

It’s almost as if the experiment is being documented by a television show. I was present at all of the weddings, and they all embraced the idea that they are there with the same objective, which is to find love and find someone to marry, to commit to for the rest of their lives.”

Season 3 will follow the same format as the past two, with a new group of singles utilizing the pods in search of their ideal partner.

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Nick Lachey, the show’s co-host, told Us Weekly exclusively ahead of the Netflix series’ season 2 premiere: “It’s interesting.” “Especially in light of the first season’s success and the presence of two happily married couples? Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that if you were looking for love? As you may be aware, it’s been tried and tested.

Singer and co-host Vanessa Lachey, whom he married in July 2011, explained further why the show’s premise was so appealing.

“This superficial swipe left’ dating scene is not one I’ve ever been a part of.” Judgment is everywhere, and you can Google anyone. According to Us, the Masked Singer alum is not of that generation.

“The first step is to establish a link. When Vanessa and I first met, we had a strong emotional connection, which is why this program piqued our interest.”

I’m excited to see it work all over again, but this time in a different way,” he teased. There will be no two seasons that are the same.

The Lachey’s and Coelen previously worked together on Netflix’s The Love Test, in which they attempted to determine whether love is blind. Six couples will be tested to see if they are ready to tie the knot with their long-term partner when the series premieres on the streaming platform in April 2022.

Netflix has made the first two seasons of Love Is Blind available to stream.

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