Is Kareem Abdul Jabbar Married? Why Did His Wife Separate From Him?

Few people know Kareem Abdul-personal Jabbar’s life, notably his marriage, even though he is most recognized as the NBA’s all-time top scorer.

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar, the wife of basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, was given the name Janice Brown in New York. Even though her birthdate is unknown, Habiba was born to Christian parents. According to rumors, Kareem and Habiba met in college.

When she married Kareem Abdul Jabbar, his wife later converted to Islam. At this point, she decided to go by Habiba Abdul-Jabbar. On May 28th, 1971, the two were wed. Kareem was a player for the Milwaukee Bucks at the time, and Habiba was a fashion designer.

Is Kareem Abdul Jabbar Married?

Though Kareem had affection for another lady, his religious leader convinced him to get married to Habiba, which led to a bumpy beginning for their union. It was also alleged that because Kareem Abdul-parents Jabbar’s wives were not Muslims, they were not permitted to attend their wedding.

Her parents were Christians. Thus, they could not even enter the mosque where the wedding was held. Kareem’s parents and Habiba’s parents harbored a bitter hatred. Even Habiba’s parents had come to the wedding from New York to Washington. However, Kareem and Habiba’s parents were able to settle their differences in the end.

Who Is Kareem’s Wife, Habiba Abdul-Jabbar?

Habiba, the wife of basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, was given the name Janice Brown. She was born in October 1947; therefore, even if her actual birthday hasn’t been made public, she will be 75 in 2022. She is of Caucasian ethnicity and a citizen of the US.

Information about Habiba Abdul-youth Jabbar’s is still hidden behind closed doors because she has not made many disclosures regarding her early years. However, we know that she is the only child of her parents and that she was raised a Christian until she married Kareem, her ex-husband, and later converted to Islam.

Why Was Habiba Abdul-Jabbar’s Parents Couldn’t Attend Her Marriage?

Is Kareem Abdul Jabbar Married?
Is Kareem Abdul Jabbar Married?

In a private wedding ceremony held at the Washington Mosque on May 28, 1971, the fashion designer and her ex-partner exchanged vows. Jabbar’s parents were not allowed to enter the mosque, even though both parties’ close friends and family members were present at her wedding.

Habiba’s mother and father were not permitted to attend her wedding even though she had changed her name from Janice Brown and her religious connection to Islam.

They made the long trip from New York to attend their only child’s wedding but could not do so due to their Catholic beliefs. Habib’s and her husband’s family became estranged as a result of this in some way.

Even Habib’s ex-husband was unaware of the practice because he had recently converted to Islam. Kareem must have felt horrible about it, too, then. Kareem made it a point to mention his family every time he went on national television following this occurrence. “Hello to Mom and Dad in New York,” he used to say.

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How Many Kids Does Kareem Abdul Jabbar Have?

The 75-year-old woman had one daughter while she was married to Kareem. After divorcing, the former couple continued to have children. Consequently, Habiba had two additional children after divorcing her ex-husband.

Why Did His Wife Separate From Him?

In 1971, Kareem wed Habiba Abdul-Jabbar. But the couple had a divorce in 1978. They had three kids together before divorcing: Sultana Alcindor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jr., and Habiba Alcindor. Kareem had two more kids with Cheryl Pistono after they got divorced. The couple has two children: Adam and Dr Amir.

Even though they were still wed, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his wife began living apart in 1973, just two years later. At the time, Habiba was still carrying their second child, and they later had another child together. Even yet, she only stayed married for seven years before divorcing him in 1978.

There have been rumors that Kareem Abdul-wife, Jabbar’s left him because she didn’t like the people he hung out with. This relates to his suspected affiliation with gangs.

It also covers Kareem’s relationship with Cheryl Pistono, with whom he eventually had a son named Amir. Later, Cheryl Pistono and Kareem became engaged to one another as well, but they never wed and ultimately split up. Kareem hasn’t remarried as of yet.

Despite their divorce, Abdul-wife Jabbar’s and have reportedly remained in contact. They successfully raised their children together, and they are now all adults. Habiba, their first child, is supposedly a journalist. Kareem Jr., their son, continued his father’s basketball career.

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