Is Michael Bolton Married? Who Are His Daughters?

He was born in New Haven, Connecticut, on February 26, 1953. His parents are his mother, Helen Gubin, and his father, George Bolotin. Michael has a sister named Sandra and a brother named Orrin. He was reared in a liberal, multifaith environment and was brought up in a Jewish home.

His ancestors were known initially as the Bolotin family, and his grandfather kept kosher food. At age 13, he had his bar mitzvah and practiced some aspects of Judaism.

Bolton has Pisces as his birth sign and is of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. Additionally, he is an American citizen. Michael attended a Hebrew institution. He quit the school, nevertheless, after the rabbi forbade him from going back unless he stopped making jokes.

Is Michael Bolton Married?

Bolton wed Maureen McGuire as his first wife in 1975. The couple had three kids together during their partnership. In 1990, he and McGuire were divorced. Michael began dating Nicollette Sheridan in 1992.

The three-year relationship ended, but they reconciled in 2005, ten years after their initial breakup. The couple was engaged in 2006; however, it was later revealed that they broke it off in 2008.

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Who Has Michael Bolton Dated After His Divorce?

In some unspecified year following the end of his marriage to Maureen Bolton, he began seeing Marla Maples, an actress. Only a few months into their relationship, they called it quits. Uncertainty still exists over the specific cause of their breakup. They allegedly planned to relink in 2010.

Following that, he began dating the model Brooke Shields that same year. They began dating as their relationship became more assertive. However, things did not go well for them, and the following year, in 1992, they split up. Then, in 1992, he began dating Teri Hatcher, an actress. Similarly, their union lasted only a short while before ending the same year.

He remained single for a while after his split from Hatcher and emphasized his musical profession more. He first met Ashley Judd in 1996. They eventually started dating. They dated for nearly two years before calling it quits. He then had a brief romantic relationship with Canadian-American actress Pamela Anderson four years later.

He started seeing Deborah Yates once more about this period. This romance ended after a little over a year. He then began dating English actress Nicollette Sheridan in 2005.

They quickly grew close, and their relationship grew significantly. They confirmed their engagement on March 14 of the following year, 2006. For them, things ran smoothly for a while.

Over time, though, things changed for them. On August 26, 2008, they decided to break off their engagement and go their separate ways. He then had a brief connection with Helene Fischer in 2010.

He has not dated anyone since their breakup that same year. Bolton has also decided to be very private about his personal life and does not currently like to talk much about it.

Is Michael Bolton Married?
Is Michael Bolton Married?

Who Are Michael Bolton’s Daughters?

Michael is a proud father to his three girls from his first marriage. Her kids, Isa, Holly, and Taryn, were born two years apart. A proud grandfather of six grandchildren, he also.

As a wonderful grandpa, Michael enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and spoils them like any other grandpa. You need to know all the juicy specifics about his daughters.

Isa Bolton 

The eldest of the couple’s three children together is the stunning and lovely Isa. She attended Staples High School together with her younger sisters. Isa is wed to Justin Gray at the moment.

Two sons, Grayson and Jack, were born to her and her spouse. She is active on Instagram and frequently shares images of her gorgeous babies. Isa is the owner of a store that sells brand-new goods.


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Holly Bolton 

The second kid Michael and Maureen had together was Holly. When they married, she adopted her husband’s last name, Dolan, and now goes as Holly Dolan. Dylan Dolan is her proud son, and she is proud of him. Additionally active on Instagram, Holly enjoys posting pictures of her son.

Taryn Bolton 

The last of Michael’s daughters is named Taryn. Although she is married, little is known about her spouse. Amelia, Taryn’s first child, was born in 2010. Michael became a grandfather for the first time with the arrival of Amelia. Taryn also had a second daughter but hasn’t revealed any information about her.

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