What Is MacKenzie Net Worth? Is She Billionaire?

Holiday Robin (née Cuming), a stay-at-home mother, and Jason Baker Tuttle, a financial advisor, welcomed MacKenzie Scott Tuttle into the world on April 7, 1970, in San Francisco, California.

Her two brothers are. She was given the name Cuming in honor of her maternal grandpa, G. Scott Cuming, an executive and general counsel who worked for El Paso Natural Gas. When she was six years old, she authored The Novel Worm, a 142-page book lost in flood, and she recalls taking writing seriously for the first time.

She completed her education at the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut, in 1988. Toni Morrison, the Nobel Laureate in Literature, was Tuttle’s professor at Princeton University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in English in 1992. Morrison praised Tuttle as “one of the best students I’ve ever had in my creative writing classes.”

What Is MacKenzie Net Worth?

American novelist, philanthropist, and activist MacKenzie Scott, formerly MacKenzie Bezos, is from the United States. MacKenzie Scott’s net worth is $22 billion as of this writing. Her wealth would be substantially more enormous if it weren’t for the $6 billion she gave to charity in 2020.

She has pledged to give away most of her riches during her lifetime and has already given more than $14 billion to hundreds of charities worldwide. More details about her philanthropy are provided below.

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Does MacKenzie Own Any Real Estate?

What Is MacKenzie Net Worth?
What Is MacKenzie Net Worth?

A residence in Beverly Hills, California, cost $24 million to buy in 2007 for Jeff and MacKenzie. They invested $37 million on the two properties in 2017, each paying $13 million for the one next door. This home was given to MacKenzie as part of their divorce agreement.

MacKenzie gave the house to the charity, the California Community Foundation, which was revealed in August 2022. The foundation estimates that the home was worth $55 million at the time of the donation. 2021 saw MacKenzie give the group $20 million. A 3.2-acre waterfront property in Medina, Washington, was purchased by MacKenzie in 2019 for $37.5 million.

Is She Billionaire?

Amazon held an initial public offering on May 15, 1997. After accounting for stock splits, Amazon’s share price completed its first trade day at $2. A single Amazon share is now worth more than $3,000. Just so you know, if you had put $10,000 into Amazon during the IPO, you would now have nearly $15 million.

Jeff held 20 percent of Amazon at the company’s IPO. He frequently sold off portions of equity throughout the years to generate liquidity. Jeff’s share sales have brought in $70 billion in cash as of this writing. He controlled 16% of Amazon before the terms of their divorce settlement.


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Jeff became the first billionaire in June 1998. He had a $10 billion net worth at the height of the dot-com bubble. His net worth decreased back to $2 billion after the boom broke.

His net worth first surpassed $50 billion in June 2015. It reached $100 billion for the first time in January 2018. It exceeded $150 billion in July 2018. In recent years, his net worth has shifted between $150 billion and $200 billion.

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