Dungeon Season 4: Release Date Status, Trailer, Plot, Cast & More Details!

Is It Wrong to Approach Females in a Dungeon for Sexual Purposes? translates to “DanMachi” in English, which is the name of the light novel series originally known as “Danjon ni Deai,” or “Danjon for short.”

One of the best-written and funniest fantasy series in recent years is DanMachi, written by Fujino Mori and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda. The fourth season of the anime version of the series will premiere in 2022.

On January 31, 2021, the fourth season of DanMachi was officially announced. In addition, it was announced that the core personnel from the previous seasons will be returning to their duties in Season 4. The release date of DanMachi Season 4 was announced in May 2022. A total of 12 episodes are planned for the first season.

The rest of this post will provide you with all the information you need to know about DanMachi season two. You’ll learn when it might be released, if there’s a trailer, what the plot might be, and a whole lot more about this wildly popular anime.

DanMachi Season 4 Release Date

DanMachi, which had its big-screen debut in 2015, has grown into one of the most popular fantasy anime series of our time.

This anime series has been around since 2015 with numerous seasons and a movie published as well as a spin-off anime series. The following is a general outline of the works that have been made public thus far:

  1. DanMachi Season 1 (2015)
  2. “Is It Wrong to Expect a Hot Spring in a Dungeon?” (OVA, 2016)
  3. Sword Oratoria (2017)
  4. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Arrow of the Orion (movie, 2019)
  5. DanMachi Season 2 (2019)
  6. “Is It Wrong to go Searching for Herbs on a Deserted Island?” (OVA, 2020)
  7. DanMachi Season 3 (2020)
  8. “Is It Wrong to Try to Find a Hot Spring in Orario? -Bath God Forever-” (OVA, 2021)

Since 2015, DanMachi has released a new piece every year. This time around, 2022 will not be an exception, as the highly popular anime series will be making a return in 2022.

In January 2021, Warner Bros. Japan and the staff of the anime confirmed the continuation of the series. Season 4 was teased in a visual released in January of 2022:

There has been little information regarding the impending fourth season since the announcement. There was no release date given until May 2022 for DanMachi Season 4, but we already knew that the “Labyrinth Arc” and the cast and crew would return.

We know it will happen in 2022, and the fall and winter months were predicted to be the most likely times. Things began to shift in May of 2022.

DanMachi’s fourth season is set to begin on July 22, 2022, during the Summer Season, according to a leak from May 2022. We had expected it to take longer than this, but we’re glad we were wrong about our predictions. So, DanMachi Season 4 is quickly approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited.

DanMachi Season  4Trailer

Based on the information at our disposal, we may safely conclude that DanMachi Season 4 will feature three trailers, none of which have provided an official release date. On the 31st of January, 2021, the first official trailer was released:


January 4, 2022, saw the publication of the second trailer, which featured more sequences. Here’s a link to it:

There have been three trailers for the fourth season of DanMachi as of March 2022. The Season 4 trailers have given us a taste of what we may expect, but we still don’t know when it will air. In other words, a new trailer will most likely be released many months before the film’s premiere. And on May 22, 2022, we were proven correct once more with the publication of another trailer, which you can see here:

DanMachi Season 4 Plot

The “Labyrinth Arc” is being adapted for Season 4 of DanMachi. Here, we’ll give you a brief overview of the arc so that you may have a sense of what to expect.

With each new update, Hestia felt as though she was writing a new chapter in a storybook about Bell’s life at home with her family.

Afterward, her child was notified of the accomplishment, which made her feel proud. While Bell’s group was in the dungeon, the maids at the Hostess of Fertility were busy searching for Ryuu, who had vanished after leaving a letter there.

After learning about Ryuu’s background, Chloe speculated on what might have happened, but Lunoire quickly put a stop to her, fearing for Syr’s safety. Bell had been blamed by the two Cat People waitresses when Mia burst in, screaming at the girls to get back to work.

Syr approached Mia about the subject, but Mia merely stated that if Syr didn’t know anything, then she wouldn’t either, adding that Ryuu was a problem.

Chloe began to speculate about what had happened after learning of Ryuu’s past, but Lunoire soon cut her off, worried for Syr’s safety. When Mia stormed in, yelling at the girls to get back to work, the two Cat People waitresses laid the responsibility squarely on Bell.

To Mia’s dismay, Syr inquired about the matter, but Mia just responded that if Syr didn’t know, then she didn’t either, adding that Ryuu was the issue.

It was only when Ouranos, peering down at the floor below, said that “it” had started behaving up that Fels inquired whether or not it was the Juggernaut via occulus if it was indeed the Juggernaut that had appeared. This was confirmed by God, who said that he was descending into the Water City at an extraordinary rate of speed.

He also mentioned the appearance of the Monster Rex. What Ouranos stated when asked what he was going to do was that he was going to send reinforcements, even if it was going to be a waste of time.

A chunk of Ryuu’s cup dropped to the ground, severing Syr’s finger in the process, at the Hostess of Fertility. Syr exited the bar through the back door, and Anya, Chloe Rollo, and Lunoire Faust argued that Ryuu was to blame for the somber atmosphere. They were all surprised when high elf Archer showed up, and Hestia questioned them whether they were good friends, as well as if they were strong.

They were baffled by what she was saying, so they requested her to explain, which resulted in the Goddess handing them Lili’s letter. Hestia Familial home forge Tsubaki realized that she had overheated one of her hammers and wondered whether or not it was her fault for the crack that developed on the hammer.

In the end, she pondered whether or not it was a symptom of something amiss. When Miach and Naaza arrived, they asked her if she’d listen to their request for her attention to their request.

DanMachi Season 4 Cast

Dungeon Season 4

Season 4 of DanMachi has been confirmed to feature the whole cast and crew. There will be some new faces, but the essential members of the team will be back. This is common practice in anime, as the creators are concerned about preserving the series’ overall narrative threads.

The following is the official cast list for Season 4, which includes those who are expected to return:

Name Japanese Voice Actor (Seiyū)
Bell Cranell Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Hestia Inori Minase
Liz Wallenstein Saori Ōnishi
Liliruca „Lilly“ Arde Maaya Uchida
Welf Cuozzo Yoshimasa Hosoya
Eina Tulle Haruka Tomatsu
Syr Flova Shizuka Ishigami
Ryū Lion Saori Hayami
Aranya Flommel Asuka Nishi
Mia Grand Yuka Keichō
Finn Demme Mutsumi Tamura
Riveria Ljos Alf Risa Taneda
Bete Loga Nobuhiko Okamoto
Loki Yurika Kubo
Freya Yōko Hikasa
Hephaistos Yuka Terasaki
Ganesha Satoshi Tsuchida

Where to watch DanMachi Season 4?

Crunchyroll has the first three seasons of the show’s run accessible (in subbed format). We are confident that DanMachi Season 4 will be available on Crunchyroll as well since it is the most popular anime streaming service in the US. We have no idea if a dub will be released at the same time as the original, but we believe it will.

Will There be a DanMachi Season 5?

Since we don’t even know when the fourth season will broadcast (well, we know it will be this year, but we don’t have a date yet! ), it’s way too early to talk about a possible fifth season of DanMachi, but there are some wonderful clues that DanMachi might return even after the upcoming fourth season.

Furthermore, DanMachi is an ongoing series and the light novel series isn’t even close to being finished, which implies that the producers have more room for further seasons. As of this writing, there are still volumes to come in the current anime series that haven’t been adapted yet.

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