Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3: Release Date Status, Trailers, Episodes & More Details!

When Attack on Titan first aired in 2013, it quickly became a beloved series among anime fans everywhere because of its faithful adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s manga of the same name. The Man vs. Titan storyline, which began as a straightforward yet deadly tale, has evolved into something far more sinister for the characters we’ve come to know and love.

Eren, Mikasa, and Armin’s tale will conclude Attack on Titan season 4 part 3, even though season 4 part 2 was thought to be the final episode. To date, this is all we have learned.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Release Date

The third and last episode of Attack on Titan Season 4 will air in 2023. In the meantime, check out our reviews of the third installment.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episodes Guide

Episode 1: “The Other Side of the Sea”

Warriors from across the Mideast Alliance are vying for the position of Armored Titan’s successor as Marley fights the Mideast Alliance in a four-year war.

Episode 2: “Midnight Train”

However, both the Eldian Warriors and Marley brass recognize that they will have no future unless they complete the task of retaking Titan’s Founding, even if the conflict is finished.”

Episode 3: “The Door of Hope”

What spurred Reiner on to become a Warrior and keep going after all hope was lost is recalled in his thoughts.

Episode 4: “From One Hand to Another”

“The Marley military is rattled when the Tybur family shows up out of the blue. Falco, on the other hand, smuggles letters for a friend and facilitates the reunion of two old friends.”

Episode 5: “Declaration of War”

There is a lot of tension behind the scenes as Eren and Reiner confront each other during Willy Tybur’s unexpected speech.

Episode 6: “The War Hammer Titan”

“The War Hammer Titan, whose tenacity stumps Eren, halts Eren’s rampage. With the help of Marley’s military, he’ll have a hard time surviving on his own.”

Episode 7: “Assault”

They begin their assault on the Warriors, but they remain steadfast.” Marley’s forces closing up on Eren and the War Hammer as Eren fights to breach its defenses.”

Attack on Titan season 4
Episode 8: “Assassin’s Bullet”

“With no Titans left to impede their escape, the Scouts board the airship and set out for home. Gabi follows after them with a rifle in hand, determined to make them pay for trespassing on her home.”

Episode 9: “Brave Volunteers”

At a time when Paradis is still dealing with the fallout from the Liberio raid, Armin reflects on his earlier encounters with the volunteer troops who fundamentally altered their society.”

Episode 10: “A Sound Argument”

Paradis had their first guest two years ago, who was taken by surprise when they saw one of their own. In a three-step approach to preserve Paradis, securing their cooperation is essential.”

Episode 11: “Counterfeit”

“Falco and Gabi will try anything to survive after being stranded on the world’s most deadly island. When the populace learns that the rescuer of Paradis has been arrested, they demand answers.”

Episode 12: “Guides”

A tense atmosphere develops outside the HQ as Hange and Pyxis try to figure out what Zeke’s genuine objectives are.

Episode 13: “Children of the Forest”

“Gabi and Falco seek out a fellow Marley who is startled to encounter Warrior hopefuls. Zeke’s secret ambitions may be revealed if what transpired at Ragako is revealed to be true.

Episode 14: “Savagery”

As they chat with Eren, Armin and Mikasa find themselves in awe of his words. Levi contemplates feeding the Beast Titan to someone new in the jungle, but Zeke has other ideas in mind.”

Episode 15: “Sole Salvation”

It’s clear from Zeke’s past that the Warrior is a struggle for him.” During his adolescence, he struck up a bond with an Eldian woman, which led to a lifelong acquaintance.

Episode 16: “Above and Below”

“Zeke’s grand scheme is revealed now that the Jaegerists are in command. Before putting it into action, Eren seeks help to flush out any invaders that may be lurking around.

Episode 17: “Judgement”

Eren is forced to defend himself against Marley’s surprise onslaught alone.” The Scouts ponder Eren’s motivations in the dungeons below as the conflict rages above them.

Episode 18: “Sneak Attack”

However, General Magath is determined to eliminate the Beast Titan. But Colt and Gabi are racing to save Falco from the Jaegerists, while the city is on fire around them.”

Episode 19: “Two Brothers”

“Colt begs Zeke not to use his scream and transform Falco into a Titan. Meanwhile, Eren tries in vain to contact his brother as troops and Titans fight.”

Episode 20: “Memories of the Future”

To show Eren how he’s been indoctrinated, Zeke walks him through Grisha’s memories. However, Zeke discovers something about Eren that he had never previously known..”

Episode 21: “From You, 2000 Years Ago”

It’s been over two thousand years that the Founder Ymir has waited, a slave to people of royal lineage. “However, Eren’s desire for independence provides her a choice that could change everything up.”

Episode 22: “Thaw”

As the island has no defenses and Shiganshina is full of Titans, the former companions of the Scouts must face off against each other.” Gabi is adamant that she will find and rescue Falco “at whatever cost.”

Episode 23: “Sunset”

When all the hardness is removed, the rumbling begins, but this also frees Annie. Conny rushes to Ragako to feed Falco to his Titan mother as the Jaegerists seize control of the island.

Episode 24: “Pride”

When Conny arrives in Ragako, she devises a scheme to mislead Falco into being devoured by his mother. A heroic Eldian warrior named Jean is scheduled to punish Yelena and Onyankopon for their treasonous deeds.

Episode 25: “Night of the End”

In the woods, a motley crew of exiles from the island and fugitives from Marley try to put their differences aside to have a conversation around a campfire without getting killed.

Episode 26: “Traitor”

Azumabito’s flying boat is protected by a harbor full of Jaegerists, but the Scouts are reluctant to slaughter their erstwhile allies. They can’t afford for their strategy to go wrong if they want to avoid violence.”

Episode 27: “Retrospective”

“Mechanics require half a day to service the flying boat before it can take off.” When the crew learns that Jaegerist reinforcements are on the way, they are forced to alter their original plans.

Episode 28: “The Dawn of Humanity”

However, Eren begins his trail of destruction on the Marley mainland during the Scouts’ first visit, causing Mikasa to ponder if things could have been any other way.

Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2 Trailers

The second half of Season 4’s official trailer and teaser may be seen below.

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