Who Is Hootie Hurley Girlfriend? His Secret Love Story Revealed!

Hootie Hurley, a popular TikTok user, and Vanessa Merrell, a YouTuber, had a close friendship for about a year. Hurley developed a passion for pole vaulting sports from a young age. After appearing in the Big 12 Championship, he later received the All-Big 12 honour in 2018.

Since then, he has brought honour to his university around the country. Additionally, he twice won team state championships in the track for Fayetteville High School. He pursued an internet profession after rising to fame in pole vaulting. He registered for a TikTok account and started posting humorous and lip-synching videos.

Hurley currently has 1.3 million TikTok followers. He has 176k followers on Instagram, where he is actively active. Here we will discuss Hootie Hurley Girlfriend.

Hootie Hurley Girlfriend

Hurley and Merrell began dαting in 2017, but they kept their relationship a secret the entire time. Therefore, little is known regarding the romantic interaction between the former couple. Hurley compromised Merrell’s privacy by publishing a video disclosing that they were dαting a few years after they broke up. Here is a Twitter post of the couple:

Similarly, Hurley made it plain that they had been dαting earlier while also implying that he missed Merrell and wanted her back. Many viewers were taken aback by the film and concurred that the images and clips of Hurley and Merrell were adorable, but many also voiced their anger with Hurley’s conduct.

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She acknowledged that she and Hurley’s relationship ended in 2018 and that they haven’t kept in touch since. Hurley has solely shared images of his friends and business life. He does not appear to be dαting anyone in any of the pictures.

The TikTok star hasn’t spoken publicly about his dαting life since splitting from Merrell. He might have had a few secret relationships with ladies or be focused on developing his job.

Hootie Hurley Girlfriend

Contrarily, Merrell, Hurley’s ex-girlfriend, gets wed to John Vaughn, her longtime love. The wedding took place on January 27, 2023. A picture of the pair from their wedding day was uploaded to Instagram along with the date “01/27/23” and a white heart.


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A post shared by Vanessa Merrell (@vanessamerrell)

Additionally, Merrell posted a wedding movie to YouTube under the title “Vanessa and John’s Wedding Video.” The video has 822k views and 55k likes as of this writing.

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