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The Milwaukee Bucks are a National Basketball Association (NBA) professional basketball club headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (NBA). There have been three conference championships and two NBA championships won by the Bucks (1971, 1974, and 2021). (1971 and 2021).

There was a last-place divisional result for the Milwaukee Bucks when they were created in 1968. Although they had 11-game advantage over the Phoenix Suns when it came to the 1969 NBA draught lottery, the Milwaukee Bucks won a coin flip and were awarded the first pick, which they used to choose collegiate great Lew Alcindor (known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from 1971).

Alcindor helped the Bucks win 29 more games in 1969–70, boosting their record to 56–26, good enough for second place in the NBA (behind the Knicks, who went on to eliminate Milwaukee from contention in the Eastern Division playoffs).

The Bucks acquired future Hall of Fame point guard, Oscar Robertson, the next offseason, and Robertson helped the Bucks to a league-best 66-16 record in 1970–71. Once in the playoffs, the Milwaukee Bucks thrashed the San Francisco Warriors, LA Lakers, and Baltimore Bullets to win the NBA championship after just their third season, a record for the four major North American professional sports leagues.

Following three seasons in which Milwaukee qualified for the playoffs, including a trip to the NBA championships in 1974, the Bucks lost a seven-game series to the Boston Celtics. Embry, who became the first black general manager in professional sports when he was hired by the Bucks in 1972, orchestrated a six-player trade that sent Abdul-Jabbar to the Lakers in 1974.

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It all began in 1979–80, when a new Milwaukee Bucks squad led by Don Nelson and containing forward Marques Johnson, guard Sidney Moncrief, and guard-forward Junior Bridgeman set a franchise record of 12 straight postseason berths.

They reached the conference finals on back-to-back occasions in 1982–83 and 1983–84 but fell to the 76ers of Philadelphia and the Celtics of Boston. During the 1985–86 season, Moncrief and forward Terry Cummings led the Bucks to their third straight appearance in the Eastern Conference finals when they lost to the Celtics in the NBA finals.

A seven-year postseason drought began in the 1991–92 season when the Bucks failed to make it past the second round in the following five seasons. In 1994, the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA draught lottery and selected Glenn Robinson as a forward. In 1998–99, Robinson and Ray Allen led the Bucks to the playoffs.

For two straight seasons, the Indiana Pacers knocked Milwaukee out of the postseason in round one. Despite another trip to the Eastern Conference finals, the Bucks fell to the 76ers in seven games in 2000-01.

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Redd led the Bucks to three more playoff appearances in the following decade, but greater success eluded them: Milwaukee had just three winning seasons in the first decade of the millennium. A losing record in 2012–13 didn’t stop the Bucks from making the playoffs.

However, the next season, they had the worst record in the NBA and won only 15 games, the fewest in the franchise’s history. As a result of the team’s stunning turnaround under new head coach Jason Kidd, the Bucks won 26 games in 2014–15 and made it back to the playoffs for the first time since 2011–12.

In the next season, Milwaukee returned to the NBA’s bottom levels. During the 2016–17 season, the Bucks were catapulted back to the postseason by the meteoric rise of dynamic wing Giannis Antetokounmpo. When Antetokounmpo stepped up.

Milwaukee’s management grew fed up with Kidd and fired him during the 2017–18 season, which culminated with a first-round playoff loss for the second year in a row for Milwaukee.

This season, the Milwaukee Bucks finished with the best record in the NBA, thanks to the hiring of defensive-minded coach Mike Budenholzer during the offseason. It was the first time in 18 years that the team made it to the conference finals, but they lost to the Toronto Raptors there.

The Bucks finished the season with the league’s best record in 2019–20, but the team was once again left disappointed in the postseason, falling to the Miami Heat in a terrible five-game series in the second round.

Despite mounting calls to remove coach Mike Budenholzer following the team’s two straight missed postseason appearances, the Bucks stuck with their plan and signed point guard Jrue Holiday, who would provide steady leadership on the floor as well as additional depth on the defensive end.

In 2020–21, the Milwaukee Bucks will be one of the top NBA teams, although they will be seeded third in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

It was thanks to the heroics of Holiday, All-Star Khris Middleton, and Giannis Antetokounmpo that the Milwaukee Bucks overcame numerous series deficits to reach the NBA finals this season.

Antetokounmpo led the Bucks to four straight victories (including a record 50 points in the deciding sixth game) to win the franchise’s second NBA title, despite the Suns leading 2–0.

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