Guardians of the Galaxy’s Squad Mechanics Pave the Way for a Fantastic 4 Game!

A Fantastic 4-style game might be built on the foundation laid by the recently released Guardians of the Galaxy’s squad mechanics.

Except for one notable exception, Marvel’s recent video game efforts have been nothing short of spectacular. Although Ultimate Alliance 3 and Iron Man VR were enjoyable while they lasted, both Spider-Man games from Insomniac have received overwhelming acclaim. Despite its limitations, Marvel’s latest big-budget video game, Guardians of the Galaxy, showed a lot of promise.

One of Guardians of the Galaxy’s biggest aspects was its squad dynamics, which allowed players to use the other members of their team to help them in battle and puzzles. There is little doubt that a game based on the Fantastic Four is inevitable, and it may take some influence from the squad mechanics of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Translating Guardians of the Galaxy’s Squad Mechanics to the Fantastic 4

While Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has received high praise from critics and fans alike, sales for Eidos Montreal’s game have fallen short of Square Enix’s projections.

Rather than delving headfirst into contractual agreements and licensing with Marvel and Disney, Eidos Montreal may be urged by Embracer Group to revert to its catalog of legacy IPs like Deus Ex and Thief.

However, given the commercial success of the previous game, it seems improbable that Eidos Montreal is already preparing a sequel to the popular Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Marvel’s games may face a different destiny when the acquisition is approved, even if the short-term status of these titles remains questionable. While a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy is unlikely shortly, the studios will likely return to this series in the future.

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