The Dinosaur Game & More Detail!

Google Dinosaur is an iconic free-time pastime for many of you. To celebrate the start of the Olympic Games tomorrow, Google has created an Olympics-themed version of Chrome’s iconic Dino Run game. To pass the time before the Summer Olympics begin, you can play this Olympics-themed minigame.

What Is the Game?
In case you haven’t played it, the dino game in Chrome is a built-in browser game where you have to guide an animated Tyrannosaurus rex around a terrain while avoiding obstacles to get the best score possible. For those who were unable to connect to the internet, this was a common sight. The goal is to play as long as possible in order to keep improving your score.

Dinosaur game

What’s the change?
For the Tokyo Olympics, the Chrome dinosaur game has added a dash of colour to its monochrome UI. In addition to the typical obstacles, there will be full-color Olympic torches. When the ever-running dinosaur reaches a specific point on the track, it will pick up the Olympic torch and morph into one of the avatars used at the Tokyo Olympics.

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As a surfer or horseback rider, you’ll encounter a variety of challenges, including waves and fences. Changing the theme is as simple as restarting your computer and reloading the window. However, the game’s basic framework stays unchanged.

How Many Sports Could You Expect to See?
Six distinct Chrome dinosaur games are currently available, including hurdlers, equestrian jumping, running, surfing, swimming, and pole vaulting. In the game, there will be a variety of different variations of each character. Every time you open the window, you can expect to see a different sport.

How to play?
It used to be difficult to play the game because of issues with connectivity and being disconnected from the internet, but that is no longer an issue with the release of chrome:/dino, which allows you to simply access the game on your Chrome browser. This chrome version of the Olympics game is entertaining to play. Play the dino whenever you want, because it’s available on all platforms and on the web.

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