Who Is Nancy Mace Husband? How Many Kids They Have?

An American politician and writer, Nancy Mace, was just elected to represent South Carolina’s 1st congressional district in Congress. A little more than 5,000 votes separated her and the Democratic incumbent, Joe Cunningham. Mace was a representative for South Carolina’s 99th district in the state legislature.

In 2014, Mace made her first bid for public office when she ran for the Republican nomination to represent South Carolina in the Senate. Three years after her humiliating loss, she was elected to represent South Carolina’s District 99 in the state legislature. She ran against Democratic nominee Jen Gibson and gained re-election the following year. This piece will look at Nancy’s personal life. Scroll this article you can find out if Nancy Raises is single or not.

Who Is Curtis Jackson? Nancy Mace Husband

In 2004, Nancy Mace wed IT manager Curtis Jackson; however, the couple discreetly split in 2019. Curtis Mace, Nancy Mace’s ex-husband, is employed by Obie as the Chief Technology Officer, according to his LinkedIn profile. He also owns a software consulting company called Jackson Technologies.

Miles and Ellison, the children of Nancy and Curtis, are the subjects of some of her social media posts. Nancy claims that she wants to shield her kids from the political realm and has reduced their social media use as her political career has advanced.

Curtis Jackson And Nancy Mace Relationship

As of right now, Curtis Jakcon is no longer married to his wife Nancy Mace, who was a successful businesswoman. In addition, the pair wed in 2004 and divorced 13 years later in 2019. This brings us to the present.

Who Is Nancy Mace Husband

Curtis Jackson has a boy named Miles and a daughter named Ellison with his ex-wife Nancy Mace. These two children are his joint responsibility. Their mother is responsible for their upbringing, and they occasionally make appearances in her posts on Instagram.

After Divorcing Curtis Jackson, Nancy Raises Her Two Kids Alone

During their marriage, Nancy Mace and Curtis Jackson had two kids: Miles and Ellison. In 2019, the couple quietly and amicably got divorced. Mace does share pictures of her kids on social media, but as she ascended the political ladder, the number of posts has gradually decreased. It’s unknown why she chose this strategy, but we assume it’s because she wants to protect her kids from the harsh realities of politics.

Nancy attacked her political rivals for seeking out personal attacks on her trustworthiness in a harsh but honest article she posted on her website. She wrote, “It seems the Left will go to any length to hurt my family and me digging for dirt all the way back to my teenage years.” Nancy didn’t try to present herself as flawless. Instead, she exposed her flaws and criticized those attempting to damage her reputation.

“I wasn’t the ideal spouse. I’m not the ideal mother but don’t tell my kids that. I work hard every day, yet I’m not perfect, even on my best days. And everyone who claims to be is lying to you. Continue reading to know more about Kate Hudson On Marriage To Chris Robinson!

Mace Joined Military College To Gain Strength

Nancy made her youthful r@pe confession on the state house floor in the middle of 2019. She confessed as part of an effort to amend a House-passed law that would have banned fetal heartbeat abortions from making exceptions for r@pe and incest.

Nancy was 14 years old when she first experienced se*ual abuse. Instead of blaming the assaulter, she held herself accountable. Two years later, she was attacked by two of her friends. Mace told her mother and her best friend about it, but she refrained from calling the police out of fear for her reputation. Let’s check Alina Lopez Bio and know more about her.


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At the age of 17, Mace left the dangerous high school and enrolled at a community college. “I was not the strong, resilient little girl that my parents knew and loved,” Mace admitted to The Post and Courier. “I was a totally different person. It was the most difficult time of my life, and I wasn’t sure how I would survive it.

When The Citadel announced that it would begin accepting female recruits, Nancy recognized an opportunity to build power inside herself. Mace graduated from The Citadel’s Corps of Cadets in 1999, becoming the institution’s first female cadet. She claimed that attending the renownedly difficult military school improved her. Nancy continued:

“The way that something like this affects us is difficult for women who are strong, as I am. We often place the responsibility on ourselves. You wonder how you allowed this to happen to you because it is something you can’t believe happened. It’s incredibly challenging to get over it. However, I believe it is our responsibility as Republicans, women, and lawmakers to share these tales, show compassion for the victims, and give them a voice.

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