Kate Hudson On Marriage To Chris Robinson!

As she recalled her whirlwind romance with her first husband, Chris Robinson, Kate Hudson opened up about first falling in love with him. Just a few days after they first met in May 2000, the actress, then 43, and the Black Crowes vocalist, now 56, moved in together. The pair were married on New Year’s Eve of that particular year.

The “Fool’s Gold” actress, who wed Robinson at age 21, had an interview on “The World’s First Podcast” in which she discussed her reasons for choosing such a young age for marriage.

“I just jump into the deep end of everything I do,” Hudson told hosts, Erin and Sarah Foster. “People thought it was impulsive, but I was like, ‘You know what? I’m just going to dive right into this. I’m not gonna second guess it.’

“I’m in love with him. I’m not gonna pretend like, ‘Oh, we should wait.’ I’m madly in love and want to marry him, so I didn’t think twice. I’m still like that, except with more wisdom under my belt.”

The Academy Award contender remembered meeting Robinson while on vacation in New York when she was 20 years old. Days after she returned from her trip, according to Hudson, she declared that she would wed the rock star.

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The couple, who had a 19-year-old son named Ryder, divorced in October 2007 after a seven-year union. Even though they ultimately parted ways, Hudson recalled that they “worshipped” one another.

The Californian remarked, “We were really in love. He also showed me what it meant to be loved without conditions. Hudson continued, “And Chris opened that floodgate for me.

The most significant event for me was meeting him, and he enabled me to experience what it felt like, regardless of how complicated the relationship became at one time.

Hudson and Matt Bellamy met at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California, in 2010, and soon after started dating. In April 2011, the couple announced their engagement, and Bingham “Bing” was born in July of that same year.

Kate Hudson On Marriage To Chris Robinson!

The actress and the singer announced the end of their engagement in December 2014. They broke up their romance, but they have kept in touch. In December 2016, the “Almost Famous” actor started dating musician Danny Fujikawa, 36, a longtime family friend.

When the musician was 23 years old and expecting Ryder, Hudson met her. Hudson recalled going on a trek with Fujikawa before realizing it was a date during her interview with Sarah and Erin.

“There was something about Danny that it was coming from such an honest place that I could tell he just wanted me to see him,” she said. “And so he was nervous, and I was like, ‘OK, this is a date.’ And I just had to wrap my head around it, and then, by the end of the hike, I was like, ‘He’s so great.

“He was just so kind and loving and pure, and in my mind, I was like, ‘I think I’m ready for a guy that, like, is that kind, who like likes me, like, I think this could be good.’”

In April 2018, Hudson announced they were expecting their first child together, and they welcomed daughter Rani late that year. The two revealed they were engaged in September 2021. In November, Hudson thought back on how she and her three kids’ three separate fathers had managed to coparent amicably.

“It might not look traditional from the outside, but on the inside, I feel like we’re killing it,” the “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” star told the outlet.  “The unit I’ve created with three children with three different fathers is powerful, and it’s ours.”

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