Taylor Swift Butterfly Jeans: Everyone Talking About His Cool Look

Here’s a primer on the revenge dress in case you weren’t aware of it, forgot about it, or skipped the most recent season of The Crown: After her then-husband, then-Prince-now-King Charles, revealed all the juicy particulars of his affair with Camilla, currently the Queen Consort, Princess Diana donned a body-con black dress with a plunging neckline to a luncheon at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens in 1994.

The garment would have destroyed the Internet back then if it had been a significant phenomenon. It wasn’t, though. 29 years later, we learn that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, her six-year boyfriend, allegedly broke up. And here we all believed they would mount a white horse and gallop out into the distance together.

The Anti-Hero singer went out for dinner with friends Jack Antoff and his fiancée Margaret Qualley in New York City, marking her first public appearance since the breakup rumors surfaced. A few steps from the actual Cornelia Street, which served as the model for the song on Swift’s album Lover, the meal was held at Via Carota in the heart of Manhattan.

Taylor Swift Butterfly Jeans

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Perhaps Swift wasn’t dressing for vengeance, as the separation was allegedly amicable. Nevertheless, no cardigan was to be seen for Swift’s big night out. Instead, she wore a body-con, off-the-shoulder, black shirt that is always in fashion. Taylor Swift went for a more relaxed, cool style rather than donning a dress or skirt like Diana. She stepped into a pair of high-rise AREA jeans with embroidered cutouts ($673).

Swift might have been donning the $175 Tiffany’s J pendant if you look closely. Fans have apparently spotted the gift that Awlyn allegedly gave her in a number of Instagram selfies and paparazzi pictures over the years. Swift complemented her embellished — dare we say bejeweled — butterfly jeans that her admirers are swooning over with a pair of faultless Sam Edelman Mary Jane shoes ($140) and a sparkly Paco Rabanne shoulder bag. (The bag has a comparable $620 price tag.)

We’re not very skilled at arithmetic, and we don’t know where the top comes from. Yet given that you are in New York, the suit probably cost a little more than the supper. You’re in luck if you like Swift’s style but don’t have her post-breakup budget. Similar pieces can be found for cheaper on the broken Internet. Here’s how to recreate Taylor’s night out or breakup look, find butterfly jeans, and get more lewk-inspiring ideas.

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