Sika Master Loan: How To Apply In 2022?

Concerning how to obtain Sika Master Loans, you shouldn’t. It offers the necessary financial support for its clients who require cash flow. Getting a loan used to be challenging, but thanks to technological innovation, this is no longer the case. In addition, more governmental and non-governmental organizations are issuing loans.

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How To Apply For Sika Master Loans In 2022?

Applying for sika Master Loans is simple. To apply for your Sika Master Loans, simply follow the easy steps below:

  • Check out their website.
  • If you’re a new customer, complete the steps to create your login information.
  • To continue your application, however, if you’re an existing customer, log in using your information.
  • You can now move on with your loan application after producing your information.
  • Make a loan request on the website. Upon approval of your online application, they will send you your money.

Types of Loans Sika Master Loans offer:

Three (3) main loan categories are available to customers of Sika Master Loans. As follows:

1. Individual loans

Customers who apply for personal loans from Sika Master Loans may get up to 25 times their monthly salary. However, its clients will need 60 months (5 years) to repay the loan. In addition, this loan type has an interest rate that might reach 20% annually. Additionally, they will take a processing fee out of the loan they approved before paying it to the consumer. Finally, this loan is available to both private and private salaried employees.

2. Salary Increase

With this form of loan from Sika Master Loans, customers can obtain almost 100% of their net monthly income. The following client’s payday, roughly 30 days, will be needed to repay the loan.

This loan option is only available to new customers of Sika Master Loans and has an interest rate of up to 10%. The interest rate for qualifying current Sika Master Loans clients is 0%. In addition, they will take 10% of the loan they have approved for distribution to their client as a processing fee. Finally, only salaried private or public sector employees are qualified to apply for this loan type.

3. Reliable Repeat Client Loans

Existing customers or suppliers of Sika Master Loans can get up to GH2,000 with this loan. Additionally, Sika Master Debts customers of vendor partners would have three months to repay their loans.

In addition, this loan type includes an interest rate that might reach 7% monthly. A processing fee of 5% will reduce the loan they have approved for disbursement to the client. Last but not least, Sika Master Loans’ current customers (such as Reiny’s Ghana, PC24 Store Ghana, and others) are qualified to apply for this loan.

Sika Master Loan: How To Apply In 2022?
Sika Master Loan: How To Apply In 2022?

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What Are The Requirements of Sika Master Loans?

There are a few requirements, just like any other financial institution loan. The following loans are needed to qualify for Sika Master Loans:

You have a legitimate photo ID from the government.

  • Valid email and phone numbers.
  • Have a bank account for your salary, preferably a current version.
  • tax identification number
  • You must have worked for at least two (2) years after receiving your qualification.
  • The number on your SSNIT card.
  • Depending on the loan kind, they might ask you for collateral or not.

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