Rep. Angie Craig Was Beaten In Her DC Apartment Building: A Man Was Arrested After The Attack!

According to her chief of staff, US Representative Angie Craig was assaulted in the elevator of her apartment complex on Thursday morning. Her chief of staff reported that the incident happened in Washington, D.C., around 7:15 a.m.

“Rep. Craig defended herself from the attacker and suffered bruising but is otherwise physically okay,” the statement said. “Rep. Craig called 911, and the assailant fled the scene of the assault.”

On Thursday night, the Metropolitan Police Department made a statement announcing the arrest of a 26-year-old man about the assault. Craig said that someone was acting strangely in the lobby area as though they were under the influence of an unknown narcotic, according to a public incident report from the police.

Craig told police that when she went into the elevator to her apartment, the person followed her inside and “began to do push-ups randomly,” the police report said.

According to the police report, Craig was hit in the chin area, and her neck was seized inside the elevator. According to reports, Craig fought back by hurling hot coffee at the assailant.

According to Craig’s team, there is no proof that the attack had political motivations. On Friday, Craig said she had spent the day recuperating and was appreciative of the support from her friends, constituents, and coworkers.

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“My morning coffee saved the day yesterday, but not exactly how I expected it to,” she said. “On a serious note, I will also say that I was fortunate that I was not more injured — and I’ll have more to say about that soon.”

She said, “I continue to appreciate the law enforcement personnel for their prompt response and the consequent arrest of a suspect yesterday night. Craig, a Democrat, represents the Second Congressional District in Minnesota.

Minnesota DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released a statement, saying he was “shocked and horrified” to hear of the assault. 

It is a relief to learn that Representative Craig’s injuries are not severe, and he wished her a quick recovery. “I appreciate how fast the D.C. police responded to the emergency, and I hope the attacker will soon face punishment.

Even though we do not yet know the attacker’s intentions, I think leaders on both sides of the political spectrum must speak out against political violence of any type.”

Rep. Angie Craig Was Beaten In Her DC Apartment Building: A Man Was Arrested After The Attack!

David Hann, chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party, expressed his “saddenness” after learning about Craig’s attack. Hann continued, “We hope her perpetrator is promptly brought to justice and wish her and her family a speedy recovery.

Craig was attacked at a time when several threats were made against members of Congress. In 2022, the U.S. Capitol Police looked into about 7,500 cases of possible threats against legislators, down from 9,600 points in 2021 and 8,600 cases in 2020, according to the agency.

As part of a $1.7 trillion omnibus budget plan, Congress approved cash to increase security for members and on the Capitol grounds to assist in combat the rise in threats.

The proposal includes $6 million for general expenses to support recommendations from the U.S. Capitol Police to improve member protection, including through a security program for congressional leadership, as well as to increase services provided by the Dignitary Protection Division and the presence of the Capitol Police’s field offices. Additionally, it included $2 million for the wages of Capitol Police, who would provide member security outside of Washington if needed.

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