North Korea Displays An ICMD And Kim Jong Un Daughter During A Military Parade!

On Wednesday, North Korea held a massive midnight military demonstration in which it may have displayed the most intercontinental ballistic missiles at one time. Over 30,000 soldiers participated in the parade held in Kim Il-Sung Square in the heart of Pyongyang. Additional soldiers watched.

According to the North Korean state news agency Korean Central News Agency, the parade featured rolling ballistic missiles and missile launchers for two hours with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and other high officials present.

The North Korean “tactical nuclear units” were initially presented toward the end of the parade, displaying what the North’s official media called “war deterrence and counter-strike capabilities.”

Military experts noted that although most of the missiles on display were unidentified, the solid-propellant and ICBM launchers that North Korea has been diligently developing were among the collection. Solid fuels can significantly reduce the time required to refuel a rocket on a battlefield.

North Korea Displays An ICMD And Kim Jong Un Daughter During A Military Parade!

According to Dr. Yang Uk of the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, “it’s noteworthy that there was a launch vehicle capable of delivering a solid fuel-propelled ICBM.”

North Korea has modified its ICBM launch vehicle for use in actual combat, as evidenced by the addition of new features like wheels and doors since the car was first displayed in the 2017 military parade. However, I must admit that nobody has seen North’s ICBMs.

The Hwasong-17, the most giant missile used by the North, was discovered in satellite photographs taken by the American space company Maxar Technologies. If North Korea’s claims prove to be accurate, experts believe it could launch a nuclear weapon anywhere in the world.

“North Korea showcased the largest number of ICBMs in history during Wednesday night’s parade,” Yang said. “This sends a message to the United States that North Korea’s strike capabilities are no joke, and they are prepared to attack any time.”

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