George Santos: House Democrats Introduce A Motion To Remove Rep!

As more information about the federal investigation into George Santos’ work for a company accused of operating a Ponzi scheme comes to light, a group of House Democrats on Thursday filed a resolution calling for his expulsion from Congress. Santos is a Republican from New York who is currently under fire.

Because the House GOP leadership has refrained from calling for Santos’ resignation, the resolution is largely symbolic and unlikely to be put to the vote. Santos has admitted to making up parts of his employment history and schooling. As a result, he is the subject of numerous inquiries, including inquiries into his finances and charity donations.

Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia of California, the rookie member leading the House Democrats’ effort, stated at a press conference announcing the expulsion motion outside the Capitol, “We offered him plenty of opportunity to retire, and he has decided not to do so.” Santos announced to reporters on Thursday that he would not resign.

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According to a witness who answered inquiries from investigators for the new CBS Reports series, “Campaign of Deceit,” Santos’ work for an investment company that was later accused of being a Ponzi scheme received notice from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Thursday in the Capitol, Santos told reporters that he was unaware of any misconduct at the company, known as Harbor City Capital. The party does not back Santos uniformly.

Before Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, he and Republican Sen. Mitt Romney got into a heated argument in which Romney told Santos he had no business serving in Congress. He should quit, according to numerous other Republicans, including those from New York. According to the Constitution, two-thirds of MPs must agree to expel a member from the House.

George Santos
George Santos


Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman of New York said it’s a “shame that it has come to this.”

He ought to have resigned, according to Goldman. “We are forced to introduce a resolution to remove him from Congress because he shouldn’t be a member of Congress. He tricked his supporters. He committed state of New York fraud.”

Goldman added that Santos is “not just a simple liar” but a “conman who does not belong in Congress.” 

Late last month, Santos informed his coworkers that he wouldn’t participate in committee work while inquiries into his actions were ongoing. On Thursday, he declined to respond to inquiries in the Capitol over the expulsion resolution.

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