The Audience For Biden’s State of The Union Address Is 27.3 Million!

According to the Nielsen firm, 27.3 million people watched President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech on television, making it the event’s second-smallest audience in at least 30 years.

Additionally, it was down around 28% from the 38.2 million viewers of Biden’s speech in 2022. The only audience that was less since 1993 was the 26.9 million people who watched Biden’s speech to Congress in 2021, which wasn’t technically a State of the Union address because he had only recently started office. That address was given on April 28, which is an exceptionally late date.

Before President Bill Clinton’s first address to Congress in 1993, which was broadcast to 66.9 million people, when there were fewer entertainment options, Nielsen did not have data available.

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According to Nielsen, over three-quarters (73%) of those who viewed Biden’s address were 55 years or older. 5% of the population were young adults under 35. 16 television networks broadcast the speech live.

The Audience For Biden's State of The Union Address Is 27.3 Million!

According to Nielsen, the Fox News Channel had the speech’s most fantastic audience, with 4.69 million viewers. Biden received 4.41 million viewers on ABC, 3.78 million on NBC, 3.64 million on CBS, 3.55 million on MSNBC, 2.4 million on CNN, and 1.66 million on the Fox broadcast network.

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