Lynn Toler Husband: His Revelations on The Realities of Marriage!

On October 25, 1959, Lynn Toler was born. Toler spent eight years as Cleveland Heights Municipal Court’s sole municipal judge after practising law with a focus on civil disputes. She won her first judicial race by just six votes while running as a Republican in a predominantly Democratic area. Her charges encompassed all petty offences, traffic violations, and low-cost civil matters in a Cleveland, Ohio, inner-ring suburb with a population of around 50,000.

Toler had a reputation for maintaining judgments that were out of the ordinary, like those based on handwritten notes. While seated on the bench, she started and administered a mentoring program for young women. She received the Cleveland Domestic Violence Center’s “Humanitarian of the Year Award” in 2002. I’d like you to please stay connected throughout our discussion as we further explore the topic of Lynn Toler’s Husband.

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Lynn Toler Husband

In 1986, Lynn Toler first met “Big E,” who later became her husband, Eric Mumford. The pair were married on April 6, 1989, after spending a year dting and two years engaged. They were married for over 35 years. Lynn said on instagram, “Me and BigE #married 33 years today. (Together 35) There was no happily ever after. There was The Journey” William, Xavier Mumford, Eric, and Lynn’s two grown children are now in their 30s. In addition, Big E had four sons from his first union.

On December 23, 2022, Eric “Big E Mumford, wife of Judge Lynn Toler, former host of Divorce Court, and current host of Marriage Boot Camp passed away. Lynn uploaded a photo of the two sharing a seat on Instagram and a message about his passing: “Eric Mumford BigE January 1, 1951 – December 23, 2022. I am in a million pieces.” Unfortunately, Lynn omitted to mention the precise cause of Eric’s demise.


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We know that Eric was a retired accountant, even though there isn’t much information on him online. Although Eric didn’t seem to have any personal social media pages, Lynn occasionally uploaded pictures of herself and her spouse on her Instagram, as seen if you check there.

The novelist and broadcaster has been open about the problems she and Mumford had getting married throughout the years, acknowledging that their union was troubled and unbalanced. She claims, however, that after she started to express her complaints constructively and successfully, their marriage flourished, and they came to an understanding.

Judge Lynn Toler Has Been Honest About The Struggles That Come With Marriage!

Lynn and her followers have also discussed the ups and downs of her marriage. During their 19th year of marriage, Lynn and Eric were experiencing problems, and they couldn’t stand to be in the same room together, she wrote in a 2012 op-ed for HuffPost. Interestingly, Lynn claimed that the Divorce Court had saved her marriage.

“I know the show is a bit extreme, voyeuristic, and often a little silly,” she said. “But when my husband and I were staring into the marital abyss, I learned a valuable lesson from Divorce Court that helped me out at home.”

Lynn Toler Husband

Lynn claimed that the program and the people she met as a result of it assisted her in seeing that their marriage was failing due to a lack of communication. The relationship expert penned: “I started to address my own fears and learned how to communicate effectively. He followed suit because he saw that I had changed in a way that was in his best interests. We then decided to fight the problem instead of fighting one another.”

On Marriage Boot Camp, Lynn always stresses to couples that communication is the key, and now we see why. However, she acknowledges that sometimes it’s still not enough. “This does not guarantee we’ll get to happily ever after,” she said. “We have made a conscious decision to be consciously married. We also have our fingers crossed.”

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Despite her grief, she encouraged others in another post on Instagram to pay the price of love.

“Love survives loss. Beats the crap out of you in the moment, but good #love is worth great pain,” she wrote. “I wish you well. I hope you have a love that echoes forever in your heart and #family (thought they tend to work your nerves) that surrounds and grounds you. Give them all the #grace that YOU need from them.”

“I know when I am being raggedy. I need bushels of forgiveness and I am not afraid to apologize. Some suggest my name is really Lynn ‘Oops, my bad’ Toler.” her post continued.

“Love hard. Anger slowly. Be well. Oh, and tell 2023 to act right,” the post concluded. We at EBONY extend our prayers and deepest condolences to the family and friends of Eric Mumford.

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