Locke and Key Season 3: Potential Release Date Status on Netflix, Cast, Plot & More Details!

If you’ve found yourself here, you’ve just finished season two of Netflix’s Locke & Key and are eager to find out what’s next for the series.

We’ll take care of you because we’re so lovely.

Everything you need to know about Locke and Key’s third season is right here.

Locke and Key Season 3 Potential Release Date on Netflix: When Will It Air?

According to Netflix’s vice president of overall deals for overall deals, Brian Wright, Carlton Cuse, and Meredith Averill have “created a wonderful world” in Locke and Key and we’re eager to see them return for more in the third season.

The show will return for a third season, it is now confirmed in the summer of 2022. Waiting for Netflix to release the episodes is all that’s left now.

Locke and Key will continue after season three, according to an Instagram post.

Season three will be the show’s final season, according to a post that teased “first looks” at the impending third season while also announcing:

Locke & Key’s third and final season premieres later this year. Booo! Keep in mind that no release date has been announced at all. Double the fun!

Executive producers and co-showrunners Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill released the following statement on Instagram:

Three seasons seemed to be just the right length to wrap up the Locke family saga and their Keyhouse exploits, once production on the show got underway.

Then they said: “Because we are storytellers, we are grateful that we were able to share Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s extraordinary story in the way we wanted to tell it. The mystical keys, on the other hand, will remain in our possession.”

Even though we’re devastated, the one silver lining was a sneak glimpse at what’s to come next season.

In the first shot, the Locke family is pictured in a protective position, indicating that they are ready for a battle.

Locke and Key Season 3

Axes and mallets (as seen in the image below) can’t be a sign of peace rather than conflict.

However, there may be a tinge of romance in the air, as one picture appears to be a wedding setup Despite the ominous occurrences on the horizon, as seen through the charming sparkler scene, merriment is also not far away.

Showrunners Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill published the following statement on Instagram:

The Locke family tale and their Keyhouse adventures seemed to be wrapped up in three seasons once production on the show began.

They continued, saying: “The fact that we were able to tell Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s incredible tale in the way we intended to tell it makes us glad. The enigmatic keys, on the other hand, will always be ours. We will keep them safe.”

However, even if we are heartbroken, we may look forward to the new season with hope.

First, we see the Lockes in a defensive stance, indicating that they are prepared for conflict.

Peace cannot be symbolized by axes and mallets (as depicted in the illustration below).

One picture purports to show what looks to be the setting for a wedding. Merriment is not far away, despite the foreboding events that can be observed in the beautiful sparkler scene.

Locke and Key Season 3 Cast: Who’s in It?

For the second season of Locke’s exploits, it’s a foregone conclusion. After all, isn’t the name itself a hint?

That means we’re due to see Connor Jessup (who plays Tyler), Emilia Jones (Kinsey), Jackson Robert Scott (Bode), Darby Stanchfield (Nina), and Aaron Ashmore (Duncan).

Seeing as Darby spoke about wrapping filming for season three, she’s pretty much confirmed for a comeback too.

Then we have Petrice Jones (who plays Scot), Brendan Hines (Josh), and, naturally, the return of Kevin Durand as Frederick Gideon.

Despite what transpired in the season two finale, there’s a chance we’ll see HHalleJones’ Eden again.

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Locke and Key Season 3 Plot: What Will Happen?

According to Cuse, “The Locke family is about to embark on a series of remarkable journeys, and we couldn’t be more pleased to continue telling this incredible narrative with our fantastic friends at Netflix.”

In season two, Dodge was eventually destroyed, but Frederick Gideon is just getting going. When Eden summoned him, it appeared as if she was going to rule the roost for a little time. Instead of rescuing her, the Captain threw her into the well from which he emerged before raising hell and praying for Lockes.

According to Cuse and Averill, season three will focus “far more heavily” on the family, and they’ll also face their greatest challenge yet.

“When they do that, it creates a bond that we haven’t seen before. That’s all I can say for the time being “Collider was informed by Averill.

“Every season, we have to outdo the season before it, which is a task we gladly accept. The challenge was entertaining, and I believe we were able to meet that challenge.”

The rumored Sandman crossover, on the other hand, isn’t occurring anytime soon. The Sandman will not be joining Locke and Key on Netflix, according to Joe Hill.

As he noted on Twitter in October of the following year, “I’ve seen a few articles teasing the possibility of a Locke & Key/Sandman Netflix crossover and thought I’d jump in for a clickbait check.”

“Nope. Many Sandman fans, including myself, are eagerly anticipating a large-scale, authentic adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s stories. My mouth is watering at the thought of it.”


Locke and Key Season 3 Trailer: When Can I Watch It?

Netflix’s regular pattern dictates that we won’t see a trailer for the upcoming season for a long time.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!

Every month or so, Netflix releases an entire trailer to build anticipation for an upcoming show’s debut on the streaming site.

Season one’s trailer is so fantastic that it makes us want to rewatch the entire series from beginning to end.

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