What Is Jacy Nittolo Age? What Is Her Net Worth?

Jacy Nittolo, an American-Italian woman, is well-known for dating well-known actor Ray Liotta. Fans are thrilled to see them because of the excitement their partnerships have generated. She was a hairstylist in the past and is from Malibu.

According to sources, Ray Liotta, her fiancé, passed away unexpectedly while resting today in the Dominican Republic. As of now, no foul play is suspected in his passing. By sharing so many photos of Jacy and him on social media, Ray had demonstrated his love for her and their relationship.

What Is Jacy Nittolo Age?

Jacy was born on September 26, 1974, and is now 46. She is the most well-known artist on social media, a savvy businesswoman, and a podcaster. She started out working for several Hollywood film industries as a celebrity hairstylist but then left her position to work as a managing director for Ray Liotta.

How Did Jacy Nittolo Spend His Childhood?

Jacy is a well-known business partner and entrepreneur. She was born on September 26th, 1974. Jacy was born in the American city of Malibu, California. Our investigation revealed that her real birth name is Jacy Woodman.

She has a birthday party on September 26 every year. She attended a famous university to further her education and will be 47 years old in 2021.

In a post celebrating her 45th birthday, she said, “Those who know me and my path through life know that I feel like I’m 25, yet I’m 45 today. I’m grateful for everything I’ve been through and for my capacity for joy, laughter, and living each day to the fullest in the company of the people I love.

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Who Are Jacy Nittolo Parents?

Jacy belongs to a blended family. Our research indicates that Jacy’s mother is American, and her father is Italian. She has a multi-ethnic background as a result. She belongs to the Christian faith. On the other hand, it is uncertain what her parents’ actual jobs are.

She reportedly has a sibling who passed away in a car accident. She also made a piece paying tribute to her brother. Apart from that, she lives with her younger sister. According to her Facebook profile, her family consists of Ryleigh Woodman, Becky Woodman, Morgan Woodman, Maddie Woodman, Paul, Bobbi, Skylar, Lily, Leisha, Taylor, and Ian Woodman.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Jacy is a successful hairstylist who also enjoys a high standard of living. Sources indicate that she has a net worth of about $950,000. Her current fiancé is worth $14 million, whereas her ex-net husband was estimated to be worth $2,203,015. She might someday make money by appearing at events and endorsing products.

What Is Jacy Nittolo Age?
What Is Jacy Nittolo Age?

Is Jacy Nittolo Married?

Joey Nittolo, a movie producer, and Jacy were previously married. Additionally, he hosts the spirituality and lifestyle-related podcast The Space Between. Joey started seeing visions, hearing voices and forecasting the future in 2017, which put his family in a challenging situation and resulted in a divorce. He was also permitted admission to a psychiatric hospital. Dax, Chazz, Joey, and Jade are the names of the four children that the couple has been blessed with.

She currently has a relationship with actor and producer Ray Liotta. Ray divorced Michelle Grace from his first marriage in 2004. Karsen Liotta, a daughter from his union with Michelle, is his name. Ray asked Jacy to marry him on Christmas in 2020, and she accepted. They will soon tie the knot despite having a 20-year age difference.

How Did Jacy Nittolo And Ray Liotta Meet?

Karsen, the 23-year-old daughter Liotta and his ex-wife Michelle Grace share, introduced the couple. Karsen and Liotta’s son started a conversation at a party and decided to raise their parents.

In a September 2021 interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Liotta recalled Nittolo’s reaction when she learned who he was: “Wait for a second though, isn’t he, like, in his 60s? I’m in my 40s.”

But the fact that she also had a 10-year-old was a bummer for him, he continued. “When you’re in your 60s, a 10-year-old is the last thing you want, but this kid is extremely cool!”

Liotta claimed that the confinement strengthened their relationship. The couple began dating in 2020. Liotta told PEOPLE in December 2021 that he was fortunate to have met someone during the epidemic, adding, “I’m engaged now because that got us very, really close.”

Liotta posted on Instagram, “Christmas wishes do come true. I asked the love of my life to marry me, and thank God she said yes!!!” after they got engaged on Christmas in 2020.

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