What Is JiDion Age? What Is His Real Name?

A well-known YouTuber is Jidion. He was born on December 12, 2000, in his native country, the United States. Jidion is also well known for creating amusing YouTube videos for his channel. In his movies, he pulled pranks and ridiculed innocent people.

He currently has almost 240,000 subscribers. He rose to fame and prominence due to his status as a YouTube Star. In a previous YouTube video, he explained his school expulsion. The total number of people have viewed his “Put on the Boxing Gloves” videos is over 6 million.

What Is JiDion Age?

Jidion, now 21 years old, was born on December 12, 2000. He is a well-known YouTube content creator. He previously posted amusing videos on his channel and is highly recognized for them.

In his videos, he used to perform practical pranks and annoy onlookers. However, because people appreciate his content, he has racked up more than 240,000 subscribers.

How Did JiDion Start His Career?

JiDion launched his YouTube career on July 2, 2018, by creating a channel and uploading videos to the platform. “JiDion” was the first letter of his YouTube username. His early movies tended to be commentary and gameplay-oriented.

But for a long, he wasn’t happy with the caliber of those movies because he couldn’t get people to watch them. After some time, he took all those movies down from his channel, but he kept making videos because he wanted to grow as a content creator.

On February 12, 2019, a while after launching the channel, he posted his first YouTube video. After removing gameplay videos from his channel, the first video, he produced received more than 1.4 million views. It was titled “GOT SUSPENDED FOR HUSTLING AT MY SCHOOL.” In the video, he discusses numerous issues, such as grocery shopping, and demonstrates how he got his college suspension.

Following that, his YouTube account started to grow, and he was motivated to start uploading videos. Then, on February 15, 2019, he released his second music video for the song titled “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.” As of right now, this video has received over 217K views.

He continues to produce movies, which hastens the expansion of his channel. He has a ton of fantastic comedy and prank movies on his resume, some of which are the most well-liked and have swiftly gained a sizable following. When he initially started it, he had no clue that his YouTube channel would eventually gain millions of subscribers.

What Is JiDion Age?
What Is JiDion Age?

How Much Money Does JiDion Make From YouTube?

The channel has more than 250 million views and more than 1.8 million subscribers. It can average 600,000 views each day from different sources. The estimated revenue from the advertising on the movies should be $4,800 per day ($1.7 million yearly).

He uploads reaction videos on his second channel, Jidion Premium. It has received more than 200 million views and more than 1.5 million subscribers. It is feasible to get 400,000 views each day from different sources. This is anticipated to generate roughly $3,000 per day ($1.1 million yearly).

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What Is His Real Name?

Jon Adams is Jidion’s full name. Jidion, an American-born YouTuber, has been posting hilarious vlogs and prank videos to his well-known channel since 2018. He has just started posting hilarious YouTube videos. He had a lot of success working with other famous content producers like Baylen Levine.

What Is JiDion Net Worth?

Most of this persona’s income comes from his multiple social media platforms and other business endeavors. Most of JiDion’s income comes from Google advertisements on his YouTube videos. On the other side, as of October 2022, this YouTuber has a net worth of almost $1 million.

Is JiDion Active On Social Media?

JiDion is incredibly active on all of his social media platforms. On his own YouTube channel, he has 4.52 million subscribers. Additionally, he has more than 301k Twitter followers.

In addition, he frequently posts photos on his Instagram, which has more than 1.3 million followers. Additionally, he has a Twitch account with more than 141k subscribers.


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