What Is Anna McNulty’s Age? How Did She Start Her YouTube Channel?

Dancer and contortionist from Canada, Anna McNulty. She rose to fame after sharing Instagram images and videos that showcased her exceptional flexibility. She has amassed more than a million Instagram followers.

Additionally, McNulty has a YouTube channel with the same name where she posts dance instructions and other content. 3.13 million people have successfully subscribed to this channel.

Anna McNulty is highly well-liked on TikTok, where she has more than 7.8 million fans, in addition to Instagram and YouTube. Anna not only dances but also cheers in competitions.

What Is Anna McNulty’s Age?

In 2022, Anna McNulty, born on April 26, 2002, will turn 20. She was born and reared in an upper-middle-class family in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Where Was Anna McNulty Born And Raised?

Anna McNulty is a well-known social media personality from Canada who also performs as a dancer, actress, contortionist, and YouTuber. She has gained notoriety thanks to the stunning dance videos and adorable photos she uploads to her YouTube channel and Instagram account.

She is renowned for both her incredible flexibility and her modern dancing technique. She is one of Canada’s most well-known social media stars and can one day rank among the nation’s most renowned actors and dancers.

In 2020, Anna McNulty will be 19 years old because she was born on April 26, 2002. She grew up in an upper-middle-class home in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, where she was born and reared.

She completed her elementary and secondary studies at a local high school in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. She reportedly finished her coursework till she earned her high school diploma.

Since she was a young child, Anna Mcnulty has had a natural aptitude for dancing and gymnastics. She started her professional cheering career when she was very young, and everyone was in awe of her exceptional flexibility and unique dancing abilities. She received much love and support from viewers and became well-known very soon.

How Did Anna McNulty Start Her Professional Career?

What Is Anna McNulty's Age?
What Is Anna McNulty’s Age?

At the age of sixteen, Anna McNulty started her professional cheerleading career. She also plays a significant role in developing the cheerleading gym known as Sky Athletics. Her incredible suppleness and capacity to dance in any style amazed everyone. Later, she started contemporary dance and showed her skills on social media.

She studied ballet professionally at the Rothesay Ballet School in Saint John, Canada. She set up an Instagram account in 2015 and started posting her beautiful photos and dancing videos, immediately gaining considerable notice and a sizable online fan base. After that, she started a YouTube channel with the same name where she shares videos of herself dancing and offers advice.

She has many well-liked YouTube videos, such as How to Perform a Scorpion, 270 Degree Needle, Back Walkover, How to Do An Aerial, and many others.

She is asked to become a brand ambassador for several well-known apparel firms after becoming well-known on social media, including Pins to Kill and Athletic Wear. In addition to the clothing brands she endorses, she also backs Discount Dance. Anna has a strong passion for acting and modeling, and she intends to enter these fields on a professional level soon.

How Did She Start Her YouTube Channel?

Then, on January 25, 2015, Anna McNulty officially opened her self-named YouTube channel. The following year, in the summer of that year, she released her first video, “ABC Dance/Cheer Challenge! Collaborate with Fierce Livy.”

She received many views and likes for the video, inspiring her to keep posting dance videos, acrobatics tutorials, flexibility exercises, and workouts. Later on, she continued to diversify her content and began to record vlogs, clothing suggestions, skincare, and makeup regimens, among other things.

She has more than 2.3 million members, and approximately 280 million people have seen her videos. “Stretches for the Inflexible! ” is one of her most well-known videos. Get the Splits Fast!, My Morning Routine for High School and Beginner Flexibility Routine, among many others, is “Stretches for Splits Flexibility.”

Is Anna McNulty In A Relationship?

Anna McNulty is now dating someone, but she manages to keep all the specifics of their relationship out of the public light and has never wanted to talk about him, so we don’t know his name. She continues to live in Saint John with her family.

What Is Anna McNulty’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Anna McNulty is worth $5 million. She mainly earns money as a result of the huge following she has on social media, particularly YouTube. Additionally, she makes money via professional cheering, dancing, and brand endorsements.

Is Anna McNulty Active On Social Media?

Additionally, Anna uses TikTok, one of the most well-known social media platforms, to promote herself and her work. She has more than 6.7 million followers on her official account, which she maintains under the alias “annamcnulty.” She also offers her line of stuff on her website, including water bottles, stretch kits, and yoga mats.

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