Who Is Carlos Scola Pliego? What Is Her Net Worth In 2022?

Sade Adu’s ex-husband is Carlos Scola Pliego. Sade, a British singer, songwriter, and actress born in Nigeria and best known as the frontwoman of her band, is Carlos Scola Pliego’s ex-wife. She is one of history’s most famous British female artists and is frequently cited as having influenced modern music.

Filmmaker Carlos Scola Pliego is from Spain. How did the couples first connect and begin the relationship that eventually resulted in marriage? The circumstances under which their paths crossed and they began dating have not been made public by the pair.

Where Was Carlos Scola Pliego Born?

Helen Folasade Adu is an Ekiti State native born in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, on January 16, 1959. Folasade, the meaning of her middle name, is “honour gets the crown.” Adebisi Adu, a Nigerian economist with Yoruba ancestry, and Anne Hayes, an English district nurse, are Sade’s parents. They first met in London, married in 1955, and then moved to Nigeria.

When Sade was four years old, her parents divorced. When Sade was 11 years old, she relocated to Holland-on-Sea, Essex, to live with her mother. After Anne Hayes returned to England, she brought Sade and her older brother Banji to live with their grandparents close to Colchester, Essex.

At the age of 18, she travelled to London. She attended Saint Martin’s School of Art to study fashion design after completing her studies at Colchester Institute and Clacton County High School.

When Did Carlos Scola Pliego Start Her Career?

Sade became a backing-up singer for the British band Pride after completing a three-year course in fashion design and briefly modelling. Her solo performances of the song “Smooth Operator” caught the attention of record labels, and in 1983 Sade and guitarist/saxophonist Stuart Matthewman split from Pride along with keyboardist Andrew Hale, bassist Paul Denman, and drummer Paul Cook to form the band, Sade. Together, backed by Pride’s rhythm section, they began doing their own sets at Pride gigs. Sade gave their first US performance at the Danceteria nightclub in New York City in May 1983. While the rest of the band signed with Epic Records in 1984, Sade Adu did so on October 18th, 1983.

Following the signing of the record deal, the band started work on their debut album, Diamond Life, which was entirely recorded at The Power Plant in London and took six weeks to complete. Diamond Life was released on July 16, 1984, peaked at number two on the UK Album Chart, sold over 1.2 million copies in the UK, and won the Brit Award for Best British Album in 1985.

The album was a success domestically and abroad, peaking at number one in some nations and in the top ten in the US, where it sold over four million copies. Diamond Life, one of the best-selling first albums of the 1980s and the best-selling debut ever by a British female vocalist, sold more than six million copies internationally.

The album’s lead single, “Your Love Is King,” was made available on February 25, 1984, and it was a hit throughout Europe, peaking at number seven in Ireland and six on the UK Singles Chart. The song was less prevalent in the US, reaching number 54 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The third single from the album Diamond Life, “Smooth Operator,” which was made available on September 15, 1984, quickly rose to prominence in the US. The song did successfully in Europe, peaking at number 19 in the UK and hitting the top 20 in Austria, Switzerland, France, and Germany. It also peaked at number five on the US Billboard Hot 100, the US Billboard Hot Black Singles, and the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

Who Is Carlos Scola Pliego?
Who Is Carlos Scola Pliego?

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Who Is Carlos Scola Pliego Husband?

When Ade lived in a live-in with Robert Miller in 1980, her dating life came to light. In 1989, she married Polish film director Arlo Sleego, and they were married until 1995. She later relocated to the Caribbean briefly to live with Samaritan music producer Sob Organ, where she gave birth to her one and only child, Acklala La La Du, on July 21, 1996.

Afterwards, Sakkala Lala Addu appeared as a transgender man on National Day and later adopted the name Zaac Sheo Addu. She is also known to have publicly acknowledged his mother’s support while he was travelling. She is now known to be with a woman named Waitt, and the two of them share a child from previous relationships.

How Did Carlos Scola Pliego And Adu Sade Divorce?

The couple divorced in 1995 after realizing their marriage wouldn’t survive forever. They never disclosed the cause of the breakdown of their marriage. Sade Adu, the ex-wife of Carlos Scola Pliego, was very private. Before divorcing, the pair were wed for six years.

After their divorce, Carlos Scola Pliego stayed largely silent. On the other hand, his ex-wife briefly relocated to the Caribbean in the late 1990s to live with Jamaican music producer Bob Morgan, where she gave birth to their kid on July 21, 1996.

The girl, who was reared as a child, sang the song “Babyfather” by Sade in 2010. Sade and Morgan later divorced, and since 2007 she has been dating ex-Royal Marine Ian Watts. Through this union, she has a stepson.

Izaak Theo Adu, Sade’s son, emerged as a transgender guy on National Coming Out Day in 2016. Izaak expressed his gratitude to his mother for supporting him during his transition in a message he uploaded online in September 2019. Sade relocated to the Gloucestershire countryside in 2005 with her family, a dog, and a run-down cottage that she planned to repair.

What Is Her Net Worth In 2022?

A network worth $80 billion is estimated to exist in Made by 2022. She has recognized her audience through using high notes in her musical career and occasionally participating in the background of acting scenes.

She has made a living for herself after experiencing a great deal of lack of clarity in her previous life. Still, she gained clarity as she continued with her successes and now has a beautiful, prosperous life.

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