Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2!

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!, a popular anime series, has been renewed for a second season. And we’ve got all the details on when it’ll be released and what to expect from the upcoming season.

This is a stunning announcement that you will not want to miss! We’ve got an exclusive trailer with some of the best moments from Season 1, as well as a Season 2 release date. Keep an eye out for updates on Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Season 2’s release date, as well as visuals and a video, will be announced soon.

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out’s website (Jap.) In January, it was reported that the anime series Kujaku-uchiwa Asobitai!-Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! will be renewed for a second season.

When Will It Be Released?

In 2022, Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out will be released. With new episodes released every week, Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out has become one of the most popular anime series. One of the primary reasons for Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out’s success is its intriguing plot, which prompted viewers to seek out Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out, which we covered in the previous section.

On September 25, 2020, Uzaki-official chan made the statement on their website. Season 2 will be helmed by Kazuya Miura and will include the same cast of characters.

What Is The plot of Season 2 of Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

Friends, relatives, and even a fortune teller attempt to inform Hana and Shinichi of the most obvious truth about their feelings for each other and push them together in the manga. We don’t know how much more of the manga Season 2 will cover, but by the time it airs, it should have plenty of material to work with. In Japan, the manga is still being published, with seven volumes so far (via Crunchyroll).

Uzaki-second Chan’s Season Trailer:

Shinichi Sakurai, a high school classmate who is now an upperclassman at the same institution as Hana Uzaki, is reunited with her. To her surprise, the once alert senior has been reduced to a lonely student who prefers to spend his spare time in silence.

Uzaki chan

It’s also difficult to imagine what Uzaki might do if she came upon Sakurai on her alone. She’ll go out of her way to entertain him, from suggesting a movie to accompanying him to his part-time work.

Despite his distaste for her, he joins in on Uzaki’s shenanigans and pranks, even though he knows her outgoing personality will just result in more entertaining situations.

Nonetheless, their connection develops stronger with time, to the point where others misinterpret them as a couple. When Uzaki invites her upperclassman over, the two will certainly have a good time and be charming!

Where Can I Watch Season One:

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out is available only on Funimation.

The portal offers a 14-day free trial as well as a £4.99 per month Premium service.

Take’s Uzaki-crew chan’s wants to hang out! is a television anime. With an English-subtitled video and an updated teaser visual, the manga (Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!) announced two new cast members and the title for the anime’s second season on Friday.

The newly announced cast members are:

Hideo Ishikawa as Fujio, Uzaki’s father Seina Kat as Yanagi, Uzaki’s younger sister

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! is the title of the second season, “pronounced as “double.” This year, the new season will premiere. The first season, which lasted 12 episodes, began in Japan on July 10, 2020. The season was streamed by Funimation as it aired in Japan.

The first anime season at ENGI was directed by Kazuya Miura (Kemono Michi: Rise, DRAMAtical Murder) (Kemono Michi: Rise). The series scripts were overseen by Takashi Aoshima (Yuruyuri – Happy Go Lily both seasons, Himouto! Umaruchan, Survival Game Club!) and the characters were designed by Manabu Kurihara (Kemono Michi: Rise sub-character design).

The manga is being released in English by Seven Seas, and the following is a synopsis of the plot:

Shinichi Sakurai’s only wish is for some peace. His loud, well-endowed underclassman, Uzaki Hana, has other ideas. She only wants to hang out with him and make fun of him. This may be the start of a lovely relationship, thanks to her cheerful charm and perky determination!
Take released the manga as part of the Dra Dra Sharp# brand on Niconico in December 2017.

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