Everything We Know About ‘abbott Elementary’ Season 2!

Fans weren’t expecting a network sitcom revival when ABC’s Abbott Elementary premiered. Quinta Brunson’s series, which launched in December 2021 and starred her, was an A+ student of the workplace comedy genre with its unique touch. Every week, more fans discovered the programme, recognising it as one of 2022’s best and the comfort viewing they didn’t realise they needed, thanks to its fantastic, diverse ensemble, gold-medal-worthy humour, and the opportunity to stream it on Hulu.

Given the show’s success—it was ABC’s highest-rated comedy and the most-tweeted TV comedy this year—reasonable it’s to question if it will graduate from kindergarten to first grade (or if it will return for Season 2). Not to mention the grip the show’s central will-they-won’t-they has on us, as well as our feelings for our new favourite professors! We’ve been doing our homework and gathered everything there is to know about Abbott Elementary because we can’t wait for more.

Will there be a Season 2 of Abbott Elementary?

Yes! Abbott Elementary was renewed for Season 2 in March 2022, before Season 1 had even ended. With the series’ great review as the network’s most popular comedy, it was only natural that it would be renewed. With a note written by the educator you love to despise, Janelle James’ character Principal Ava Coleman, the series announced the second season has been green-lit on Twitter. The hilarious message can be found here.

When will Season 2 of Abbott Elementary premiere?

There is no official launch date yet, but the show will return for the “2022-2023 school year,” as “Principal Ava” announced in the Season 2 announcement on Twitter. According to an interview with creator/star Quinta Brunson in Elle, the writers’ room resumed work in late April, and production is set to begin in July. With that basic plan in place, it appears that school will resume this autumn.

Abbott Elementary Season 2

Who in the cast will be back for Abbott Elementary Season 2?

Thankfully, none of the cast members will be changing schools, and it appears like they will all be back for another year of elementary antics. That means Janine Teagues (Quinta Brunson), Gregory Eddie (Tyler James Williams), Principal Ava (Janelle James), Melissa Schemmenti (Lisa Ann Walter), Jacob Hill (Chris Perfetti), and Barbara Howard will continue to teach you the ABCs, 123s, and essential life lessons (Sheryl Lee Ralph).

Aside from the teachers, we can expect more amusing one-liners from William Stanford Davis’ hilarious custodian Mr Johnson, and Ava is expected to get into more squabbles with superintendent Denzel Collins, played by Reggie Hayes.

Janine’s long-term boyfriend Tariq (Zack Fox) and Barbara’s daughter Taylor are the only ones whose fates are unknown (Iyana Halley). Tariq moved to NYC towards the end of the season, and Janine said she didn’t want to go with him and would rather take a break from their relationship, thus he won’t be a Philly regular anymore.

However, it seems likely that he’ll show up on tour or wish to reconcile with Janine at some time. Then there’s Taylor, who was seen flirting with Gregory in the Season 1 finale, so they could be in for a romance (and perhaps the wrath of her very caring, well-meaning mother hen).

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What will Abbott Elementary Season 2 be about?

Season 1 was largely contained to Abbott’s lowly halls, but given the success of the first instalment, we can only expect the sophomore year to be even bigger. There aren’t many formal details on what that would entail, but we’re betting it won’t be entirely set in a classroom, and we’ll be in for some more fun guest stars.

Although nothing has been proven, numerous celebrities have spoken out about their predictions. Quinta Brunson has stated in Elle that she wants the show to take “more field excursions,” both literal field trips like the one to the zoo in the Season 1 finale and merely setting outside of the school.

Sheryl Lee Ralph wants Barbara to establish a choir, Lisa Ann Walter wants to travel to a teaching convention, but one in “Atlantic City,” and Tyler James Williams, like many of us, wants further development from Janine and Gregory will-they-won’t-they. He did tell Variety, though, that he believes it will be a while before that romance blossoms, and that his new infatuation with Barbara’s daughter could be a season 2.

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