Tom Brady Miami Dolphins: He Gets Ridiculed For Discussing Taking Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa’s 2022 season was affected by the several concussions he sustained, yet despite this, his performance was at an all-time high, demonstrating his potential as an NFL starting quarterback.

Although Tagovailoa has only had one successful season and even then, he missed a lot of playing time due to injuries and concussions, so his job isn’t entirely guaranteed.

Due to this, the Dolphins have been mentioned as potential destinations for Tom Brady. The 45-year-old claims to be retired, but he has unretired before and may be enticed to do so again.

Tom Brady Does Not Rule Out A Move To Miami

Tom Brady was recently questioned about the prospect of attending the city’s eMerge Americas conference with Miami.

“I will say now that I’m not affiliated with any team anymore, even though I have strong ties with a couple of teams,” he said.

Tom Brady Miami Dolphins

“I do have some friends on the Dolphins that I really like. “I wouldn’t say I necessarily root for them all the time, but I root for my friends to do well and several of them play for Miami.”

That answer was fuel to the fire of the Brady to Miami rumors and put Tagovailoain in a difficult spot.

Criticism Of ‘Disrespectful’ Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s response hasn’t won over everyone’s approval. In fact, a number of pundits are very dissatisfied with his response. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, who devoted an entire column to the subject, is among them. You might be checking Darren Waller Journey To NFL Stardom.

“Recently, [Brady] was asked if there was any chance he’d unretire and play for the Dolphins,” Florio stated. “He didn’t say no. He didn’t say ‘Miami has a quarterback’. “Instead, he quickly made the point that he’s currently not attached to any team, which clearly implies he can sign with any team at any time. You can see a youtube video below down:

“It’s disrespectful to Tua for Brady to talk about Tua’s job so nonchalantly. It’s especially disrespectful for Brady to do it given the history.” You can also, check Tom Brady Height And Discovering The NFL Player’s Stature.

Whether Brady does unretire again remains to be seen, but it does seem that Miami might be one of the spots he’d be interested in if he does.

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