Telegram Adds Spoiler Formatting And Profile Pictures Media Tools In Latest Update!

Telegram Adds Spoiler Formatting And Profile Pictures: One more large feature dump from Telegram is being released before they bid 2022 farewell.

Numerous new features have been added in the most recent update, such as spoiler formatting for media, new drawing tools, zero storage consumption, and others.

In addition to adding spoiler formatting for text, Telegram now permits the addition of spoiler formatting for both photos and videos. This shimmering layer covers the material with a blur, which obscures the content unless the user touches it.

Except for specific chats, new storage management options allow you to establish distinct auto-remove settings for cached media from Private Chats, Groups, and Channels. Pie charts let you see what’s using up space, and iOS has dramatically sped up the loading process.

Updated drawing tools, including a new blur tool, and five very accurate color tools, including a new eyedropper tool, are now available in the app.

Drawing tools automatically smooth lines and adjust line width based on drawing speed. Text size, font, and background can be changed when adding photographs or videos. Additionally, non-Telegram Premium users can utilize custom animated emojis.

Additionally, you may now upload a unique profile photo that will only appear for you for your contacts. The image can also be recommended to your touch, who can set it with just two taps. A public profile image for your account is another option, which might differ from the one you use for contacts.

Group admins can now hide members of groups with 100 or more members. In this manner, only the admin will be aware of your membership in the group unless you make a post. Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for Telegram Adds Spoiler Formatting And Profile Pictures.

Telegram 2023 Update Features

Telegram Adds Spoiler Formatting And Profile Pictures
Telegram Adds Spoiler Formatting And Profile Pictures

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According to the app’s official blog, the first feature of Telegram’s new version is spoiler formatting, which enables users to hide any text, photo, or video from their receiver.

When a picture or video is hidden with his new function, they will see a shimmering layer instead. Users must pick one or more things to use this new function, then hit the ellipsis button in the top right corner of the app’s screen and select “Hide with Spoiler.”

Telegram’s new text and drawing tools work well with this new capability. According to The Verge, Telegram has updated its media editor so users can use the app’s drawing tools to smooth their lines automatically and dynamically modify line width based on drawing speed.

With the app’s new blur and eyedropper tools, you may blur photobombers, confidential information, and other things that deserve to be confused.

Additionally, Telegram makes adding text to images and videos simpler by letting users alter the text’s size, font, and backdrop at will.

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Additionally, all users can now access bespoke animated emojis regardless of whether they have a Telegram Premium subscription.

In addition to spoiler formatting, Telegram now offers the Zero Storage Usage function, which enables users to delete files from their phone’s storage and retrieve them again at any moment from the Telegram cloud.

Users of Telegram could previously only establish a cache size cap or choose to have new content automatically deleted after a predetermined amount of time.

Separate auto-remove settings for cached media from private conversations, Groups, and Channels are also included in this version. However, this feature is not available in all chats.

To help users see how much data is being used for movies, files, and music, Telegram has added a pie chart. This enables users to remove the more essential things quickly.

Interestingly, iOS users can now utilize this feature with the same responsiveness as Telegram users on Android phones.

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