Street Fighter 6: Understanding Pre-Order Bonuses & Special Editions

Four unique versions of Street Fighter 6 are available at launch, one of which is the Standard edition with pre-order extras. Before June 2, players who purchase the main game gain one additional costume and a few in-game bonuses.

However, considerably more material is included in the Deluxe, Ultimate, and Collector’s Editions, including a Year-One Pass for planned DLC from Capcom. Fans of Street Fighter 6 are curious about the differences between these unique and pre-order versions and which one offers the most significant value.

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Mad Gear Box (Collector’s Edition)

Street Fighter 6’s Mad Gear Box Collector’s Edition includes an art book, sticker collection, figurines, and digital bonuses. However, since it’s a GameStop-only release, players must check with their neighborhood shops to see whether they can purchase one.

The Collector’s edition of SF6 provides the most negligible value for the money of all four editions. It’s a $249.99 package filled with defective goods that only diehard fans would value.

Here’s the complete list of Collector’s Edition content:

  • 4 additional characters (Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma)
  • The One-Year Ultimate Pass
  • 2 Pop-Up Parade Figures
  • A pack of Street Fighter stickers
  • A Street Fighter 6 artbook
  • A figure diorama board
  • All digital perks of other editions

GameStop tweeted that Street Fighter 6 Collector’s Edition is available now for pre-order! You can see below:

Ultimate Edition

Every feature of the Deluxe edition is included in the digital-only Ultimate Edition, except the Year-One Pass. The Ultimate Edition grants players access to all DLC scheduled for 2023–2024, whereas the Deluxe Edition only offers a character-limited year pass. Therefore, by acquiring this game copy, gamers will have access to four additional characters and other premium content for a year without paying any further fees.

Given its $104.99 price tag, the Ultimate Edition is not the best choice for the typical lover of fighting games. However, the extra material released in 2023 and 2024 would be appreciated by players who plan to play the game for a while.

Here’s the complete list of Ultimate Edition perks:

  • Year-One Ultimate Pass
  • 4 extra characters (Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma)
  • Outfit 1 with Colors 3-10 (for 4 characters)
  • Outfit 2 with Colors 1-10 (for 4 characters)
  • Outfit 3 with Colors 1-10 (for 4 characters)
  • 2 extra stages
  • 7,700 Drive Tickets

If you are interested in reading more news regarding the most recent game, check out the link that is provided below:

Standard Edition (Pre-Order)

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s Standard Edition of Street Fighter 6 has a free next-generation update. The Outfit 1 with color 10 for Jamie, Chun-Li, Juri, Ken, Manon, and Dee Jay will also come with unique titles and stickers, and gamers who pre-order this edition before June 2 will also get those items.

The pre-order and limited-time incentives could become accessible through alternative channels later, as noted on SF6’s official website. And in future upgrades, Capcom will probably give out simple clothing. Players who are worried about the early condition of the game may wish to postpone buying it and wait for the first few fixes.

Street Fighter 6

Here’s what’s included in the Pre-Order Edition:

  • A pack of special titles
  • A pack of special stickers
  • Outfit 1 with Color 10 for Jamie, Chun-Li, Juri, Ken, Manon, and Dee Jay

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition is the most cost-effective option for players without the Ultimate Pass. The four DLC characters that most SF6 fans want are included for $84.99, along with all the essential digital extras like the first Drive Tickets, costumes, and colors.

The people who will gain the most from this edition are Street Fighter fans who wish to fight in the Battle Hub for at least a year and participate in the following tournaments. All year-one fighters are available and receive enough in-game cash to personalize their Hub character.

Here’s what’s included in the SF6’s Deluxe Edition:

  • Special titles & stickers
  • 4 DLC characters (Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma)
  • Outfit 1 with Colors 3-10 for four characters
  • 4,200 Drive Tickets
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