The Juri Move List And Guide For Street Fighter 6

A little under a month remains till the release of Street Fighter 6, which is scheduled for June 2nd. Consequently, the game’s roster will start with 18 characters, each of whom will have their own distinct play style.

This entry will concentrate on Juri, a Taekwondo fighter with a checkered history in Street Fighter ever since part 4. Juri is known for her cruelty. Who appears to have an unhealthy obsession with her feet.

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Street Fighter 6 Juri Overview

The taekwondo sadist Juri in Street Fighter 5 relied on her Fuhajin special move to stockpile Fuha stocks necessary for performing specific special activities. Street Fighter 6 Juri adopts a different strategy by utilizing these stocks to improve her actions rather than being essential for their performance.

When Juri gets the coveted Fuha stocks, she transforms into a force to be reckoned with. Juri is renowned for her superb poking attacks and strong throwing style. Her particular maneuvers become riskier and less safe without these equities, emphasizing how crucial it is to acquire charges carefully.


She is pretty mobile, has a dive kick, and her combinations can deliver good damage. She’s a great option if you like characters who use footsie tools rather than their fists.

Also, feet.

Play If: You want mobility, good pokes, and love footsie-heavy characters.

Avoid If: You prefer a more defensive character. You prefer characters with more health.

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Street Fighter 6 Juri Move List

Special Attacks

Fuhajin: 214K. Perform an upwards kick while capturing ki from your immediate surroundings. Increases your Fuha stock by one upon completion.

Saihasho: 236LK. A roundhouse kick that fires a projectile low to the ground. Useful for checking your opponents, in combos, or to start offensive pressure.

Ankensatsu: 236MK. Leap forward in a low arc and come down with an axe kick. Useful as a way to approach while avoiding attacks targeted at your feet and can also be used in combos.

Go Ohsatsu: 236HK. Lunge forward and let fly a swift overhead roundhouse. Its long reach makes it practical for surprise attacks from a distance, and it can also be canceled into normal moves to make combos.

Tensenrin: 236P. Rotate like a windmill while unleashing a series of kicks. It can be used in a variety of situations to deal significant damage.

Shiku-sen: During a forward jump, 214K. Divekick. Pretty fast.

Shiru-sen: 214K+K. After Shiku-sen. A series of kicks performed by Shiku-sen that tack on additional damage and knock the opponent down.

Super Arts

Sakkai Fuhazan (Level 1 Super Art): 236236K. Fire multiple ki blasts with a kick and follow it up with another giant ki blast to knock an opponent away. Easy to work into aerial combos against opponents launched into the air.

Feng Shui Engine (Level 2 Super Art): 236236P. Power up your abilities by unleashing the power of the Feng Shui Engine embedded in your eye. Once powered up, you can cancel normal moves into other normal moves or even unique attacks.

Kaisen Dankai Raku (Level 3 Super Art): 214214K. Unleash the full power of the Feng Shui Engine to perform a powerful sequence of attacks. Useful when tackling big damage during combos or when turning the tables on your opponent.

Unique Attacks

Kyosesho: 6MP. A forward-moving thrust that can be canceled into special moves.

Senkai Kick: 4MK. An overhead attack that cannot be blocked while crouching.

Renko Kicks: 6HP. A two-hit sequence of kicks that can be canceled into special moves.

Korenzan: 4HK, MP >MP. A multi-hit kick that can be canceled into special moves.

Death Crest: MP>4HP>HP. A combination attack that sends an opponent flying.

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