Somi Weight Loss? How is She Look After Losing Weight?

One of the upcoming female K-pop artists currently signed to The Black Label, a division of Y.G. Entertainment, is Jeon Somi. She must keep up her performance and care for her appearance as a K-pop singer. It was said that Jeon Somi had shed several pounds before one of her comebacks at that time.

As you can see, Somi has a chic appearance, and many people have noted that she has added some abs. Although Somi appeared to have the perfect body, she used to have IV fluids after losing some weight.

She said, wiping away some tears, “I ate healthily. I informed my followers not to panic, but I received an IV fluid. I held back from saying it for fear that they would become concerned. Even though Somi used to receive IV fluids, it appears that she is now paying more attention to her health and maintaining a healthier diet.

What Did Jean Sommy Say About His Healthy Diet?

Jeon Somi once followed a strict diet, and the outcome was astounding. After following the “Banana” diet, she shed 4 kg weekly. Somi just consumed bananas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Thankfully, she has stopped following the diet. Somi has another alternative for a better diet besides the tight one. Somi chooses to prepare her meals at home as opposed to eating out.

She had a healthier version of cold noodles that included fried tofu, konjac jelly, and heaps of vegetables. She regularly monitors her diet and opts for nutritious foods to keep her physique in shape.

Jeon Somi: Her Transformation Before and After Weight Loss:

Even before her debut, Jeon Somi was renowned for having the perfect body. She has, however, shed a few pounds, particularly as she gets ready to make a solo singing comeback. These before and after pictures show how much Jeon Somi’s body has changed:

How Did Jean Somi Look Before She Lost Weight?

Some of Somi’s supporters have stated that she enjoys food a lot. Somi had a type of curvy, healthy-looking figure before beginning a diet. She appeared even younger because of the big cheeks she possessed.

What Does Jean Somi Look Like After Losing Weight?

There is a noticeable difference now that Somi has followed her diet. Somi appears to be thinner than previously, and her petite waist and sharp jawline are also visible. Somi also effectively added some abs, but her arms and legs indeed appear much smaller than they are.

somi weight loss (1)somi weight loss (1)

Well, Somi always looks lovely, regardless of her weight. We want to see her happy and healthy.

Even though Somi has successfully shed a little weight, the fans were still a little worried. We hope she can regain some weight and continue to be healthy. Which do you find more appealing: Jeon Somi’s present look or her earlier appearance? Please comment below, and don’t forget to spread the word about this article on social media.

What Did Jeon Somi’s Workout, Routine Reveal?

Jeon Somi was born with beautiful genes, which is why she’s always had a trim physique. But it’s also important to remember that Jeon Somi was already leading a very active lifestyle before she began her career, even before she made an appearance on J.Y.P. Entertainment’s show “Sixteen,” as she trained in taekwondo.

After advertising as an I.O.I. member, Jeon Somi made her solo debut. At the time, she disclosed that her previous weight was between 58 and 59 kg. But to prepare for her solo debut, she drastically reduced her weight from 52 to 48 kg. She has continued to keep her weight within that range ever since.

In preparation for her “Dumb Dumb” comeback, Jeon Somi recently reduced her weight to 46.6kg, she disclosed. She follows a rigorous diet while carrying on with her regular activities, such as attending dance sessions regularly, which take her at least one to two hours. Jeon Somi may burn many calories, lose weight, and burn fat just by dancing.

In addition to her daily pilates sessions, Jeon Somi also regularly practices dance. Many K-Pop stars and actresses swear by pilates since it helps them build a gorgeous physique and grow slender. Pilates is also a total-body workout that targets all of your body’s muscular groups.

Pilates emphasizes lower body and core strength as well, which aids Jeon Somi in developing her abs and increasing her flexibility.

Of course, Jeon Somi’s workout is supplemented with a diet for the best effects.

Jeon Somi once embarked on a banana-only diet to help her reach her 10-kg weight loss goal. This plan calls for eating one banana each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She shed 4 kg as a result in a week. Be aware that this diet cannot be maintained over the long term, especially if exercise is added. Jeon Somi claimed that she only uses this diet when she needs results immediately.

Who Is Jeon Somi?

Jeon So-min, a South Korean actress, model, and author born on April 7, 1986, has made appearances in some movies and television programs. Jeon’s first role was in the sitcom Miracle, which she appeared in for the first time on television in 2004. In 2006, she made her debut in the feature-length movie with the release of Cinderella. Jeon’s first significant leading part was in the television series Princess Aurora, and she was honored for it when she won “Best New Actress” at the 2013 M.B.C. Drama Awards. She has appeared in some other movies and television shows, including Tomorrow Victory (2015), Something About 1 Percent (2016), Cross (2018), Top Star U-back (2018), Review: Notebook of my Embarrassing Days (2018), Birthday Letter (2019), and Big Data Romance (2020). (2019).

How Much Is Net Worth of Somi?

Even though Jeon Somi made her first debut in front of the public in May 2016 as an I.O.I. member, she has been working in the entertainment business for longer. She has already performed on television before starting her K-pop singing career! It shouldn’t be a surprise that Jeon Somi has a sizable net worth due to her accomplishment. Jeon Somi has a $1.5 million net worth. You might not be shocked that she made this much money due to her solo endeavors and endorsements.

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