Top 10 Ranked Oshi No Ko Characters!

Oshi No Ko’s debut takes up most of spring 2023. The play by Aka Akasaka tells a gripping tale of revenge while shedding light on the true nature of the entertainment business. The characters of Akasaka’s second well-known novel, Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War, are equally intriguing and complicated.

Oshi No Ko’s characters’ realism and difficulties set the series apart. Even when their journeys take them to dark places, it’s difficult not to cheer for Ruby and Aqua, and each supporting character has their mini-arc to develop both their nature and the viewers’ attachment to them.

1. Taishi Gotanda

Award-winning director Taishi Gotanda is one of the few characters aware of Ruby and Aqua’s true ancestry. Taishi is responsible for Aqua’s ability to break into the acting world as he ages, and he is both aware of and supportive of Aqua’s strategy to exact revenge on Ai’s murderer.

After Ai’s passing, Taishi adopts the position of Aqua’s mentor and nurtures him. Taishi may not seem like it, but when needed, he is accommodating and can help Aqua restore his confidence after a few losses have caused him to doubt his ability to accomplish his objectives.

2. Frill Shiranui

Frill Shiranui is a multi-talented performer skilled in acting, dancing, and singing. However, Oshi No Ko hasn’t yet delved much into her character. Since Ruby is a big fan of hers, she is thrilled that Frill goes to the same school as the twins.

Frill Shiranui

Frill Shiranui is a shy but friendly young woman. She has a distant appearance but is incredibly knowledgeable about other actresses and their careers. Shiranui’s overall role in Oshi No Ko keeps expanding as the manga goes along, but viewers who only watch the anime will have to wait to appreciate how complex her character is complete.

3. Mem-Cho

Mem-Cho gives audiences a peek into the world of internet influencers in Oshi No Ko, which delves deeply into the entertainment industry and covers much more than simply the idol business. Mem-Cho formerly dreamed of being an idol but gave up her aspirations to provide for her family.

Mem-Cho instead develops a following on TikTok and YouTube and becomes a well-known online influencer. Mem-Cho, aware of the brutality of the entertainment business and pretends to be much younger than she is to win more followers, defies the limitations of her age and pursues her goals in a highly competitive field.

4. Miyako Saitou

Miyako first gives off the impression of being egotistical because she considers selling the information about Ai’s secret and focuses primarily on finding a wealthy, gorgeous husband.

Miyako Saitou

After Ai dies, Miyako demonstrates a caring and nurturing side of herself by adopting the twins and ensuring their secret is protected from the public.

Not only that, but Miyako switches to assisting independent creators to maintain Strawberry Productions even after the dissolution of B-Komachi. Miyako loves Ruby as her daughter and lets her pursue her goals despite her fears that Ruby will have the same destiny as Ai.

5. Akane Kurokawa

Akane Kurokawa, who first appeared in the Reality Dating Show arc, is quiet, reserved, diligent, and hardworking. She is on the verge of committing suicide due to online criticism of her performance and personality, but Aqua saves her, earning her gratitude.

Akane possesses the fantastic talent of analysing and unearthing personal information about the person she is portraying while entering their head. She is the first character besides the Hoshinos to possess recognizable starry eyes, which stand for her propensity to make falsehoods appear authentic.

6. Ruby Hoshino

Ai’s daughter Ruby Hoshino is the reincarnation of Sarina Tendoji. Despite the tragedy to Ai, possesses her mother’s good looks, charisma, and confidence and isn’t afraid to follow her aspirations of becoming an idol. Ruby is also outgoing and personable, finding friends quickly once she starts high school.

Ruby, who overcame the trauma of losing Ai, gives her all to pursue her mother’s ambition. She can resurrect B-Komachi after being rejected, thanks to her unshakeable spirit, which enables her to keep going despite the dangers and possibilities of failure.

7. Aquamarine Hoshino

Aqua, the reincarnation of Gorou Amamiya, has been severely scarred by failing Ai twice in a row. He passes away before giving birth to Ai’s children, and as Ai’s reincarnated child, he is defenceless when a stalker kills her. Unlike Ruby, Aqua internalizes this more deeply, dedicating his life to finding and exacting retribution on Ai’s killer.

Aquamarine Hoshino

As a result, Aqua develops into a cold, cunning individual willing to use those close to him as pawns. Despite saying the opposite, he has a talent for acting, and Aqua still has a sympathetic side. This is demonstrated by his commitment to Kana and his readiness to act to save Akane’s life.

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8. Sarina Tendoji

Due to her illness, Sarina Tendoji spent her life in the hospital before being reincarnated as Ruby Hoshino. Her parents essentially abandon Sarina, but her contacts with her doctor, Gorou, and her adoration of the famous idol Ai Hoshino, keep her spirits up.

Sarina practices Ai’s choreography and tries to improve her dancing steps even though she is frail and stumbles every time she tries. Despite her hardships, she never loses hope and seizes the chance to ultimately realize her desire to become an idol once she is reincarnated.

9. Kana Arima

Kana Arima, a young prodigy, is renowned for her capacity to trigger tears at will. Because of her filthy mouth and especially nasty attitude when she was younger, Kana loses a lot of career possibilities as she ages.

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After this, Kana becomes more adaptive, learning to get along with people better while taking fewer chances to keep gaining jobs. Despite her challenges, Kana never gives up on herself or her abilities, even if she struggles with low self-esteem because she thinks her best years were as a youngster.

10. Ai Hoshino

Despite being present for most of Oshi No Ko’s first episode, Ai Hoshino’s influence is felt throughout the series. Ai performs as an idol in the hopes that she can love her followers and feel it even though she has never known true love in any manner.

Ai is convinced she can balance motherhood with her idol profession and keep the former a secret. She welcomes parenting wholeheartedly. Ai’s life is brutally cut short by a vengeful stalker, but in her final, heartbreaking moments, she finally tells her children that she genuinely loves them.

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