Robin Hood: The Main Characters, Ranked By Likability!

Disney brilliantly reimagines the classic Robin Hood story, and it has all the charm and excitement one would expect from a beautifully animated film. The Disney adaptation of the film features several terrific characters who all work together to provide a compelling tale.

This film is a fantastic example of the good-against-evil dichotomy, made possible by each character’s distinct traits. This movie comes together brilliantly since many unmistakable heroes are simple to love and have many evil characters who can be despised.

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Prince John

Prince John is the main antagonist in this film, so it makes sense that he would be the least likeable; in fact, the fact that he is so simple to dislike is a testament to Disney’s masterful storytelling.

John is a coward and surrounds himself with people who will do everything for him while taxing the underprivileged as much as possible to make all his money.

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Prince John is a considerable crybaby who consistently proves incredibly annoying throughout the film. He doesn’t care about anyone save himself (and his mother). Although everything is done on purpose, he is the least likeable character.

Sheriff Of Nottingham

One of the individuals that Prince John surrounds himself with is The Sheriff Of Nottingham. He is the one who has to go out and collect the money from the people, which does put him in a difficult situation, but it is one that he seems to like being in.

Sheriff Of Nottingham
Sheriff Of Nottingham

He is, therefore, straightforward to despise. Although he is merely carrying out orders, he develops into a terrible villain during the film since he enjoys tormenting the residents of Nottingham so much.

Sir Hiss

Sir Hiss is the funniest character in this film; nevertheless, the company he maintains hinders him. Although he is Prince John’s sidekick, he is incredibly sarcastic and clever and has no issue sharing his simple ideas with his boss.

Even though Sir Hiss isn’t quite as cowardly as Prince John, he still has no desire to make a difference, which makes him ultimately unlikeable. He is undoubtedly the best villain in this film, though, mainly because of his brilliant comebacks.


You can’t help but adore Skippy! As the young rabbit who is inspired by Robin Hood and hopes to one day become him as he attempts to act like a hero throughout the movie, he is one of the cutest characters in the film. This makes him incredibly likeable.

He frequently appears with his sister and his quiet companion Toby Turtle. But Skippy is the character who stands out throughout the film because he consistently demonstrates great bravery and passion.


One of the most well-known members of the Robin Hood cast, Alan-A-Dale, serves as the film’s narrator. He also participates in it as a resident of Nottingham, so he doesn’t only offer some context for what is happening in the movie.


His natural musical talent contributes to some of this film’s most enduring scenes. The tale is only little changed by his songs, and he is revealed to be a literary figure who listeners undoubtedly love.

Friar Tuck

Throughout Robin Hood, Friar Tuck does seem to be the “voice of the people,” always speaking out for others and doing his best to assist everyone.

Friar Tuck puts everyone else before himself, and that generous approach makes him immensely likeable, even though he can’t have as much of an impact as Robin himself.

He is typically composed and passive in this movie, so when he loses it and begins to fight back against the bad guys, it is one of the best moments since it is so unexpected. He is one of the most endearing characters in this tale and a true underdog from Disney’s cast.

Lady Kluck

Even though Maid Marian may be more well-known and play a more significant role, Lady Kluck is perceived as the more endearing character. This is simply because she has a much larger personality and provides much energy to the film with her raucous character.

She always has the utmost respect for everyone she meets and is always happy to lighten the mood by cracking jokes. Additionally, Lady Kluck readily joins in on the action and occasionally contributes significantly.

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Little John

Little John makes the ideal companion for Robin Hood. He sticks with his friend through all of his insane ideas, regardless of the risk, and this shows a great deal of devotion, which is an endearing quality.

Little John frequently questions beliefs and approaches them more practically and rationally, which is helpful. He is also a calming influence on Robin at times.

Little John

Little John’s importance to Robin is demonstrated by the fact that he would not exist without him. Additionally, Little John is a hilarious character who adds a lot of humour to the film with his upbeat demeanour.

Robin Hood

In the end, Robin Hood has to be fantastic, even though all the other characters are essential to making this movie as remarkable as it is. He is one of Disney’s greatest-ever heroes, so thankfully, that is very much the case in their adaptation.

You could ask for nothing more from a character than Robin. He has a lot of heart and tries his hardest to assist as many people as he can, regardless of their situation, while yet managing to be a little cheeky and romantic. He’s a very educated character who is also a devoted friend, making him the perfect starring role.

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