Mom Who Authored Kids Book About Death Charged With Husband Mu*der

A mother from Utah is accused of poisoning her husband with a de@dly dose of fentanyl after serving him a celebratory Moscow Mule. The mother authored a children’s book on mourning after her husband passed away last year.

On Monday, Kouri Richins, 33, was taken into custody on suspicion of three counts of possessing a dangerous drug to distribute it and one crime of aggravated homicide. A request for comment on Tuesday did not receive a prompt response from her lawyers.

On March 4, 2022, Richins’ spouse, Eric Richins, passed away in their Kamas residence, roughly 40 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. The probable cause statement says Richins contacted 911 to report that she had discovered him motionless in their bedroom.

Summit County sheriff’s deputies then came to the scene. Deputies discovered Eric Richins lying on the floor at the foot of the bed. He was confirmed de@d despite efforts to save his life.

Court Records Indicate Suspect Requested “The Michael Jackson Stuff”

Richins asked a friend for “some of the Michael Jackson stuff” before her husband passed away. Jackson passed away in 2009 at his Los Angeles home following a de@dly dose of propofol administration. According to the petition, the acquaintance obtained many fentanyl pills for her.

Richins told detectives that the pair had been celebrating the night before her husband passed away because she had closed on a residence for her company. The statement stated that she claimed to have made him a Moscow Mule in the kitchen, brought it to the bedroom, and had him sip it while still in bed.\

Kouri Richins

She admitted to investigators that she spent the night in one of her kids’ rooms because the kid experienced a nightmare. Around three in the morning, she allegedly woke up and saw her husband in their bedroom, “cold to the touch.”

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Richins informed the deputies that she did not bring her smartphone to her child’s room, leaving it in her bedroom instead. According to the probable cause statement, investigators eventually discovered that her phone had been repeatedly locked and unlocked and that movement had occurred when she claimed to have been in her child’s room. It stated that deleted text messages were sent and received.

The report stated that the couple and their three young sons were the only residents of the house at the time of Eric Richins’ de@th.

Below is a tweet about a Woman who wrote a grief book for her kids after her husband d!ed and was charged with his mu*der… Kouri Richins. You can see below:

‘My Amazing Husband’ In Book Dedication

Richins wrote the book “Are You With Me?” a year after her husband passed away in order to “create peace and comfort for children who have lost a loved one,” as stated in an Amazon description. The book would reassure kids that even though a loved one “is not present, their presence always exists, and they walk through life with you as if they were here.”

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