What Is Marin Kitagawa Age? What Is My Dress-Up Darling?

 Marin Kitagawa Age: The female protagonist of Shinichi Fukuda’s romcom ecchi manga My Dress-Up Darling is Marin Kitagawa. She is a well-liked high schooler who enjoys dressing up as various hot anime characters. When Marin notices the reclusive doll maker Wakana Gojo using a sewing machine, she becomes interested in him.

She asks him to construct clothing for her, becoming his eponymous “bisque doll.” He eventually wins her over because of his sincerity and talent for tailoring.

Because of its excellent production values, well-executed cliches, and endearing moments shared by the characters, the anime version of Bisque Doll saw a surge in popularity once it debuted in the Winter of 2022.

The event also increased demand for Hina dolls. The season of Bisque Doll dominated Anitrendz’s weekly charts, spending the most weeks at #1 and surpassing even well-known sequels like Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer.

In addition, Marin cemented her position in Anitrendz’s history by becoming one of the few characters to achieve a “seasonal sweep” and hold the top spot in a character chart for the entire season. Marin Kitagawa Age

Like other romcoms, the show’s main draw is its protagonist, waifu Marin, who has won viewers’ hearts and dicks thanks to her outgoing nature and attractive appearance.

Since the anime’s debut, her cosplaying style has also sparked a ton of fan art and actual cosplays, primarily on Pixiv and Twitter. Marin is regarded as a possible title candidate in the same competitions due to these positive first reactions, much like Mai Sakurajima and Kaguya Shinomiya a few years earlier.

What Is Marin Kitagawa Age?

Since her mother went away when Marin was still relatively minor and was left in her father’s custody, she has not had an easy existence. Landed a part-time position as a novice model.

Her age in the series was questioned as a result of this. Marin Kitagawa Age is only 15 years old, even though she could look elderly when cosplaying as Black Lobelia, Veronica, or Liz the Succubus.

Fans shouldn’t be surprised since she is still a high school student. However, the character’s appearance and styling are older than someone her age during the series. Therefore, it is simple to comprehend why it can lead to some perplexity.

Outside of cosplay, Marin is a stunning and thin young woman. For her age, she is pretty tall. She is about 164 cm (5’412″) tall in the series. Her beautiful brown eyes contrast with her fair skin. Even when she is not cosplaying, she frequently wears dark pink contacts.

Gojou is just a few weeks older than Marin, who turns five on March 5. Although fans frequently believe she is older than Juju, she is younger.

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What Are My Dress-Up Darling Characters?

What Is Marin Kitagawa Age?
What Is Marin Kitagawa Age?

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Gojo Wakana, Goj Wakana

Shya Ishige and Tomoyo Takayanagi (young) (Japanese voice actors); Paul Dateh and Jack Britton (young), an eighth grader in high school. He was an orphan reared by his grandfather, a maker of Hina dolls, who also inspired him to become a kashira-shi, or maker of a Hina doll’s head.

Wakana is over 180 cm tall and has a massive build, but he is also introverted and suffers from low self-esteem due to a bitter memory of being chastised by a female classmate who believed a boy shouldn’t play with girl dolls.

He also kept his doll-making interests a secret and didn’t have any pals until he met Marin. Although Wakana’s feelings for her may first appear spiritual for most of the series, he subsequently realizes that he is in love with Marin by feeling the same way about her as he formerly did about Hina dolls.

Kitagawa Marin

Voiced by: Amanda Lee and Hina Suguta (both in Japanese) (English)

A stunning girl with gyaru looks who stands out for her friendliness, warmth, optimism, and lively personality. Marin detests highly judgmental people who make assumptions about other people based on their interests, leading her to turn down a boy’s advances who made fun of her preference for anime. Marin Kitagawa Age Is 15 years old.

After several successful cosplays, Marin gets to know Wakana more and eventually realizes she loves him. She constantly tries to get him out and about and spend time with him.

Inui Sajuna

voiced by Risa Mei and Atsumi Tanizaki (both from Japan) (English)
One who goes by the name “Juju” () as a cosplayer. She is a sophomore at a private high school for girls only. Sajuna was a year older than Wakana and Marin, but due to her youthful, small appearance, she was mistaken for an elementary or junior high school student.

Nevertheless, she is loud and proactive, much like Marin, who will take considerable measures to accomplish her objectives. Sajuna loves her little sister Shinju and tries everything she can to make her happy. She is a fan of cosplay, just like Marin.

Inui Shinju

Hina Ymiya (Japanese) and Jad Saxton provide the voices (English)
The younger sister of Sajuna. Despite being in junior high school, Shinju is so large compared to her sister’s frame that she could almost fit into Wakana’s uniform.

She stands 178 cm tall, and because of her curvy figure, she is occasionally mistaken for an adult. However, she is exceptionally timid despite having an intimidating body.

Shinju is close to and highly respects her sister. Shinju takes on the role of a photographer as Sajuna cosplays, employing a camera they borrowed from their father. She is adept at processing and posting the photos she takes on a computer. Shinju secretly longs to cosplay herself but worries she won’t meet her sister’s high expectations.

What Is Marin Kitagawa Age?
What Is Marin Kitagawa Age?

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What Is My Dress-Up Darling?

In episode 12 of My Dress-Up Darling, Marin is revealed to be a part-time amateur model for many fashion publications. To support this, she has told, much to Gojo’s surprise, that she has taken several jobs to buy the DSLR camera she wants for her cosplay requirements.

Marin explains that her cosmetics and overall appearance were done by a professional, despite Satoru Gojo praising her distinctive appearance and celebrity-like atmosphere in the magazine.

Marin’s makeup is very different from the images she used for cosplay. Gojo decides to increase his knowledge of professional cosmetics to advance his abilities and elevate Marin Kitagawa’s cosplay appearance.

Whether she is cosplaying or appearing in a fashion spread, Marin Kitagawa is still one of the most attractive anime waifus. Cheers to My Dress-Up Darling’s second season and Marin Kitagawa’s supremacy!

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