Lenny Hochstein Girlfriend: When Did He Start Dating?

Katharina Mazepa, an Austrian model who is 26 years old, is presently seeing Lenny, who has been linked to her ever since May 2022, when Lenny revealed that he was ending his relationship with Lisa.

However, it was revealed on RHOM that she had been hanging out with the family even before the divorce, and the new pair has no plans to slow down any time shortly. Everything you need to know about Lenny’s new girlfriend is included in this article.

When Did Lenny Start Dating Katharina?

Given that the two were acquainted before Lenny decided to leave his divorced wife, it is unclear exactly when he began dating Katharina. Lenny admitted to Page Six in May that he began dating the model immediately after the decision to get divorced.

Lenny was overheard on the fourth episode of the season implying that he was already seeing someone else by saying that he hadn’t “slept” with Lisa in a while “because then I would be cheating on who I care about.” According to Lisa, in the subsequent episode, the couple had been around the new girlfriend, who even followed her on Instagram without mentioning Katharina by name.

Lenny Hochstein Girlfriend

Lisa claimed months before Lenny left, she began to doubt his relationship with Katharina. I once received a message from a total stranger saying, “I’m so sorry, I just spotted your husband with this woman outside of her building,” the woman in question fitted the description. “I called him immediately to find out what was happening, but he said they were just friends and denied it. But I always felt she was up to something, and how they interacted constantly gave me the creeps.

Katharina Mazepa’s Job

When Katharina was crowned Miss Vienna in 2014, she launched her career as a model. She was soon featured in publications like Elle and Harper’s Bazaar and advertising campaigns for Guess and Forever 21.

As Katharina explained to Naluda, she has “done a little bit of acting” by appearing in an episode of The Hills: New Beginnings. She is also an ardent supporter of animal rights, and she boldly proclaims in her Instagram bio that she is a vegetarian and works with the organization PETA.

In 2021, she stated in an interview with Maxim that she had “made it a priority to maintain partnering up with animal rights organizations on social media to convey awareness on how we can take basic efforts to protect animals.”

Katharina Mazepa’s Instagram

At the moment, Katharina has garnered 1.7 million followers on her Instagram page, which primarily features modeling campaigns and photoshoots. Fans have found out that she followed Lisa at one point and even liked some of her older posts, but she does not have any images on her Instagram account showing her with Lenny or any of his family members.


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The model has now unfollowed Lisa on social media; however, on January 2, she admitted liking some of Lisa’s family images before her divorce from Lenny. This occurred before Lisa split from Lenny. Katharina told Page Six, “I don’t think liking a picture she was tagged in years ago is all that weird.”

Will Katharina Show Up In RHOM Season Five?

Although Katharina hasn’t been featured on RHOM, she has frequently openly intervened in Lisa and Lenny’s divorce. She attempted to obtain a restraining order against Lisa in July, telling Us Weekly that Lisa had “cyberbullied, intimidated, and harassed” her.

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But, a judge rejected the motion in December after concluding there was no “good cause” for one. Lisa told Page Six, “Thank goodness, the judge saw through her malicious falsehoods and antics and dropped the case. More recently, Katharina accused Lisa of “spreading misinformation” about her immigration status and engaging in “stalking behaviors” against her. She also claimed that Lisa created phony social media accounts to harass her.

According to some restricted caselaw, Lisa was “a woman scorned,” As such, it should be anticipated for a woman scorned to react, Katharina claimed to Page Six in December. Nonetheless, the judge determined on the record that Lisa had committed those crimes.

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