Kanye West Mental Illness: Confronting American Singer Major Disease!

Kanye West is an American who makes music, raps, designs clothes, and runs his own business. When Kanye was worth a lot of money. Kanye became well-known after his album The College Dropout came out in 2004. He is now one of the most famous and successful artists in the world.

He has won 24 Grammys out of 75 nominations. In the past few years, the world has watched the American singer Kanye West go through a rough time as he deals with a serious mental illness that has had a big effect on his life.

Kanye’s struggles with his mental health have been brought to the public’s attention because of his music, fashion, and controversial work. The artist has talked about his struggles in public, showing how hard it is for him to keep his mind healthy.

Kanye has been very open about his problems. He has questioned diagnoses and said he was mistreated. As he continues to find his way, his story shows how complicated mental illness can be and reminds us how important it is for people to understand and help each other, So read this post very carefully,

Kanye West’s Mental Health Confession

An official diagnosis of bipolar disorder was made for American rapper, songwriter, and fashion designer Kanye West in 2016.

According to West’s latest statement, he was “mentally misdiagnosed.” Rapper’s Twitter account was suspended for anti-semitic tweets. He has resumed his custom of chatting with close friends and family via text message. This time he’s fighting his former Jewish personal trainer, Harley Pasternak.

The following is Kanye West’s official illness statement through Instagram:


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The singer-turned-clothier tweeted that he was taught to do what he believes is right no matter the cost. He went on to say that he was given the wrong diagnosis and d*ugged to the point of insanity so that he would behave like a model star.

Kanye West Mental Illness

His subsequent messages, though, took on an entirely different tone. Threatening to commit West to a mental institution, he changed his tone.

Fans and famous people alike have criticized Kanye for his anti-Semitic comments. His friends are split on whether or not he should be held harmless from the consequences of his words because he is mentally ill and experiencing a psychotic episode.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

The National Alliance on Mental Illness defines bipolar illness as “dramatic shifts in a person’s mood, energy, and ability to think clearly,” whether the individual is suffering from type I, type II, or cyclothymia of milder severity. The 4.4% of American adults who suffer from bipolar disorder cycle between manic and depressive episodes that might last for weeks or months at a time.

Dr. Lloyd Sederer, chief medical officer at the New York State Office of Mental Health, told The Post that manic episodes, which are characterized by a euphoric but inflated sense of self-confidence, can cause erratic behaviour, such as “jumping from one idea to another” or “irritability” as well as “spending sprees” or “sexual liaisons.”

The Mayo Clinic cites “periods of high stress, such as the de@th of a loved one or other traumatic event,” as one of these factors. The medical community stresses that numerous known and unknown stressors and variables can contribute to a manic episode.

A person with knowledge of the rapper’s habits claims that he frequently works late into the night. “Doing many activities at once [and] scheduling more events in a day than can be accomplished” are symptoms of mania.

Harvard Medical School identifies “false beliefs or false perceptions” as a symptom of bipolar disorder, as can an “exaggerated, puffed-up self-esteem,” which is reflected in the artist’s tracks like “I Am a God” from 2013’s “Yeezus” and boasts like “I’m the greatest human artist of all time.”

Whatever form the mania takes, one thing remains true: Every episode raises the patient’s odds of having another. “It’s the kindling theory,” Sederer explained. “There’s been more wood added to the fire, so it’s easier for the fire to be ignited.”

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Is There Any Treatment for Bipolar Disorder?

The condition is typically treated with a combination of behavioral treatment and antipsychotic medication, such as quetiapine and Symbyax. In the recently released documentary “Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy,” West discusses the medications he takes to treat his bipolar disorder and how those medications caused him to gain weight.

Throughout the course of the three-part series, he discusses his difficulties with mental health, including “moments where I felt, like, suicidal, and still have moments where I’m addicted to Percocet without even realizing it.”

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