Kantanka Cars Price: List & Specs 2022

Kwadwo Safo Kantanka started the Ghanaian company Kantanka Automobile in 1994. It creates, produces, assembles, and markets high-end vehicles. It is the only automobile manufacturer wholly owned by Ghanaians.

CBU and CKD ?

The abbreviation CBU stands for “Complete Build Unit” or, more simply put, vehicles. To create a fully assembled unit, Kantanka manufactures automobile components and mixes them with other parts acquired from component suppliers.

The CKD Kits (Complete knock-down) that a Chinese business, most likely Foday through Chongqing Big Science & Technology, provides are used to construct Kantanka automobiles in Ghana.

Kantanka Car Price:  list And Specs of Cars 2022

Kantanka Amoanimaa 1.

This 1.5-liter four-cylinder saloon vehicle is an entry-level model. Standard features include a five-speed automatic transmission, a dark interior with soft-touch materials, better front seats, more room in the back, and a low fuel economy of 15.8 KM/Litre.

Kantanka K71 2.

The firm’s 1.5L-powered small SUV is the Kantanka K71.
The car has an energy-absorbing steering column, an ABS/EBD system, a rear camera vision, and a driver’s front airbag.
Cost: 85,000 GHS

Kantanka Cars Prise
Kantanka Cars Prise

Kantanka Omama 3.

The business’s 44 Luxury Pickup with a 2.5 CC engine is called Omama. The new Omama has leather seats, an FM/AM radio, a GPS, a 7-inch monitor, a 12V power outlet, and an ECU monitor. Bluetooth and climate control

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Kantanka Mensah 4.

The Kantanka Mensahis is a high-end saloon vehicle. Along with other characteristics, it has 2.4 ccs, push-to-start, dual airbag system, child safety assistance, front and back sensors, and a video system.

Kantanka Onantefuo, no. 5

The company’s luxury 44 SUV is called Onantefuo. It is targeted at Toyota land cruisers and has a 2.4L engine.
Cost: 170,000 GHS

That encapsulates the Kantanka Range pretty well. The Company is redesigning its website. Prices and specifications for cars from Kantanka Automobile for 2022–2023

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