How To Check Your Glo Number In Ghana 2022?

One of the well-known network service providers in Ghana is Glo, which provides internet and network services to Ghanaians. Both its coverage and the number of clients that subscribe to its benefits are enormous.

They have introduced good self-service choices to offer excellent and effective access to their services in response to their growing consumer base. If you use Glo, you might wonder how to verify your Glo number in the most straightforward manner possible. You can complete it quickly, efficiently, and in the convenience of your own home. We’ll examine them as follows.

:- This post will walk you through finding my Glo number in Ghana in 2022. One of Ghana’s well-known network service providers, Glo, offers internet and network services to its citizens. In addition to having many clients who subscribe to its services, it has good coverage.

How To Check Your Glo Number In Ghana 2022?

USSD code method:

Do you know that to check their number, clients of each telecommunications provider can use their phones to dial a specific USSD code? The Glo USSD codes include one that enables customers to check phone numbers whenever they want. For further information, please follow the directions below:

  • Dial the short code *135*8# to check your Glo phone number.
  • Your phone number will show up on the screen with the Nigerian country code +234 after you have dialled that code.
  • Therefore, if your number, for instance, is 08121027901, you will have +23408121027901.
  • Copy it down fast, store it in your phonebook, or jot it down in your notebook so you won’t have to bother about checking it the next time.
  • If the USSD code shown above isn’t functional for you, try the alternative methods below:

Contact us by dialling 1244.

A robot will call out your number after that code has been entered using your Glo SIM card, which you want to check a phone number. So prepare to record it in writing. Another code that can be used to check your Glo number is *777#. Please continue reading for more usage instructions.

  • Just dial *777#.
  • Choose 4 “My Tariff Plan” at the command prompt.
  • When the following pop-up menu appears, select 3 to select “My Number.”
  • Success: Your phone’s screen will display your number.
  • If the Glo USSD code for validating your number given above didn’t work for you, please keep reading to learn about alternative techniques.

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How To Check Your Glo Number Through Customer Care?

  • Don’t panic; there is still hope if you cannot use the above shortcodes for some reason. You can also call the Glo offices to check your number. Your problem will be handled and resolved quickly by the customer service team. Follow these steps to use this option to receive your number:
  • Open the phone’s call app.
  • Call the customer service line. Using your Glo number, dial 0230010100 or 0230010200.
  • Pay attention to the voice instructions that are given to you. Ask for your phone number when you speak with the agent you are connected with.
  • To ensure that you don’t forget it again, write it down somewhere.
How To Check Your Glo Number In Ghana 2022?
How To Check Your Glo Number In Ghana 2022?

How To Check Your Number Through The Glo App?

You can also get your number through this method because the program was made to offer practically all services to Glo users. Knowing your Glo number will be free and convenient for you at home. You only need internet connectivity to get started.

  • Visit the app store on your phone.
  • Search for Glo Ghana there.
  • Select the appropriate app and choose “download”
  • Install the app, then log in using your information. Then, you’ll have access to your phone number.

How Do I know My Glo Number On My Phone?

The Glo app, a short code, or customer service can all be used to check your Glo number on your phone. There’s no need to freak out if you’ve forgotten your Glo Ghana network phone number. You can access your number in several ways from the comfort of your home. In Ghana in 2022, you will need to learn how to check your Glo number before proceeding.

The usage of Ghana’s Vodafone shortcodes is listed in detail on Vodafone is one of Ghana’s top three network service providers, and customers benefit most from using their shortcodes. This guide will greatly assist you if you are having trouble accessing this network since you are unfamiliar with specific Vodafone codes. Details and instructions are available on the Vodafone shortcodes.

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