Josh Allen And His Girlfriend Brittany Williams Celebrate Her Birthday Without Her Boyfr!end

There were reports that Josh Allen and his longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams had broken up a few weekends ago. The fact that the unfollow was heard around Buffalo at the same time as the rumors seemed to prove that they were no longer together.

Neither of them has said anything publicly about it. But, as others have said, breaking up with a guy you’ve been d@ting since college while he’s under a 6-year, $258 million deal is a red flag.

Josh Allen And His Girlfriend, Brittany Williams

Spending your birthday weekend without seeing the Bills quarterback also raises a few red flags. That’s how Brittany spent her weekend last week. She had a party with the girls for her birthday, which was coming up on April 26.

Now, it’s possible that the Bills quarterback had other plans and had a good reason why he couldn’t celebrate with her. In years past, his girlfriend received an annual happy birthday post on his Instagram account. This year crickets.

Now, if you’re still not sure, consider that Allen hasn’t posted anything on his Instagram account in weeks. Not even a hint that it was Brittany’s birthday. Allen never does things like that. In the past, he would post something about her birthday on his Instagram account every year. This year, nothing.

Josh Allen And His Girlfriend

During Brittany’s girls’ weekend, the Internet agents who first noticed trouble in Buffalo also saw something else. The message on the cake that her friends gave her seemed to be hidden. So did Brittany’s Instagram Story, where she showed off the cake. Along with the picture of her cake, the story also had the words “My girls spoil me” and the hashtag #mhwn. You can also check the other celebrity  John Mulaney Wife: When Did He Start D@ting With Olivia?

Brittany Williams Flying Solo For Her Birthday Can’t Be A Good Sign

People think that the term means “My Husband Would Never” and that it is a jab at Allen. Why does it have that? People think the hashtag is about the slanderous stories that went around when they broke up. On the cake, instead of the usual “Happy birthday,” it said “#” instead.

Brittany shared a TikTok video to celebrate her birthday, which was the icing on the cake if you will. That movie makes an interesting point. A Bills fan who writes about scandalous pop culture said that Brittany discussed “new beginnings” while celebrating her birthday. You must check Jon Rahms Wife: When Did They Get Engaged?

The OutKick Culture Department will keep a close eye on this situation. Clearly, the unfollow was just the tip of the iceberg in this case. There’s a lot more going on than meets the eye, and if I know the internet as well as I think I do, the story of why they broke up will finally make it to the surface.

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