Why Are Jack Hughes Teeth Bleeding After Being Poked?

The second round of the playoffs between the New Jersey Devils and the Carolina Hurricanes was difficult. They were already down 3-1 in the first game of the series when their best player Jack Hughes was struck in the face by Jordan Staal with a high stick. Hughes was injured during the action and was sent bleeding to the bench; to make matters worse, the refs made no decision.

Jordan Staal Hits Jack Hughes

In the second period, Staal was being checked with a stick check by Hughes, but in the process, Hughes’ stick was lifted into Staal’s face. No punishment was imposed because it was deemed unintentional by the officials. Hughes was bleeding from a face wound and needed medical treatment from the New Jersey Devils’ trainers.

Additionally, the New Jersey Devils defense has kept Hughes off the scoresheet while he has had a -1 +/- night on the ice for the Carolina Hurricanes. In our latest discovery, we would like to share Kevin Gates’s Instagram Story Terrifying Video On The Internet

Jack Hughes was anticipated to have a significant role in their playoff triumph because he has been one of their most productive players during the regular season. The squad’s performance suffered when he was sidelined due to injury and concerns for his well-being.

Jack Hughes Teeth

Another bone of disagreement was the absence of a penalty call on the play. Others countered that Hughes’ stick had raised Staal’s stick, making it an unintentional space, while some said that Staal’s stick had made direct contact with Hughes’ face and should have been punished.

The two gamers had already encountered one another during a game before the event. Ten minutes earlier, Jack Hughes received a crippling check from Jordan Staal that sent the Calder Trophy contender flying to the ice and drove PNC Bank Arena into a boisterous frenzy.

We have given a tweet about Jordan Staal didnt have any problems knocking Jack Hughes over. You can see below:

Staal’s physicality early on setting the tone for the Hurricanes’ commanding first period, in which the Devils managed just one shot on goal. Whatever the circumstances, the incident showed how important it is for players to know how they control and position their sticks.

High sticks are risky and may lead to catastrophic injuries; fortunately for Hughes, his lone wound only required a few stitches and a small amount of blood loss.

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