Is Dwayne Johnson Married? And When Did The Meet?

They’ve been together for almost 15 years and are still going strong. When Johnson made the comedy The Game Plan in 2006, he met the music director. A year later, they started d@ting. Since they made their relationship public, they’ve shown us a lot of their love story on the red carpet and social media.

“I was so lucky to fall in love once.” At the time, he married actress Dany Garcia, the mother of his oldest daughter Simone. “To fall back in love? In my situation, it’s hard to do something twice. I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

Johnson and Hashian married on August 18, 2019, after their girls, Jasmine Johnson and Tiana Johnson, were born in December 2015 and April 2018, respectively. Look at Johnson and Hashian’s relationship history, from their first red carpet to significant family events.

Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Meet

It’s not clear how Johnson and Hashian met, but they did for the first time when Johnson made his hit family comedy The Game Plan.

After 10 years of marriage, Johnson and Garcia said that they were getting divorced. “Even though our relationship has changed in some ways, we are still very important to each other’s lives,” said their statement.

Is Dwayne Johnson Married

“As a loving team, we will continue to work on and handle our business interests, our charitable work, and, most importantly, the raising of our child. We’ve been lucky enough to be together for 17 years as a couple, and we hope to spend the rest of our lives as best friends and business partners. Johnson and Hashian (shown above in 2014) began d@ting that same year.

Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Welcome Their First Child Together

On December 16, 2015, Jasmine Johnson was born to Johnson and Hashian. The baby was Hashian and Johnson’s first child together and Johnson’s second.

“Christmas came before time!” Johnson wrote about it at the time on Instagram. “She was on Daddy’s chest just minutes after she was born. And being thankful means something completely different… Thank you so much for giving @laurenhashianofficial and me such wonderful congrats messages and love. “We are very thankful.”

Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Welcome Their Second Child Together

In December 2017, Johnson and Hashian shared the happy news that they would have another child. You must check out Are Kwame And Chelsea Still Together

Johnson wrote next to a picture of their baby, “Our Jasmine Lia would like to make a big announcement: IT’S A GIRL.” “@laurenhashianofficial, and I are so thankful for this gift as we’ll be having our second child this spring.”

On April 17, 2018, the pair finally had their baby girl, Tiana Gia.

“Blessed and proud to bring another strong girl into this world,” Johnson wrote as the caption for the photo of him and his daughter in the hospital. “Tiana Gia Johnson came into the world like a force of nature, and Mama @laurenhashianofficial worked and gave birth like a real rockstar.”

Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Get Married

Johnson and Hashian married on August 18, 2019, in a small wedding in Hawaii. They had been d@ting for more than a decade. After they married, the couple shared a few pictures from their wedding. Their two daughters were flower girls in some of the images.


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Hashian celebrated her and Johnson’s first wedding anniversary by putting out an emotional song that she had first given to Johnson at their wedding a year before. We have various celebrities’ Information who are still together. Let’s check out  Are Nick And Vanessa Still Married? When Did They Meet?

Hashian said in a press statement, “Step into a Love Like This’ is the most personal and rewarding song I’ve ever written.” “Personal because every word comes from my heart, and rewarding because I got to surprise the man I now call my husband with this song on the day we got married in Hawaii, in front of our family, friends, and two beautiful daughters, Jazzy and Tia.”

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