Is Grace Jones Still Married To Atila Altaunbay?

Atila Altaunbay was a man who could have been described as “run-of-the-mill,” but a chance encounter in a club rocketed him to prominence. In spite of the fact that Atila first worked for Jones as a bodyguard, the couple tied the knot on February 24, 1996.

Jones is a well-known artist. They went on to have a romance that lasted eight years, was fairly tumultuous, and ended on the day that Attila threatened Grace’s life with a knife. The couple is still legally wedded to one another even though they have been living apart for almost twenty years.

How Did Atila Altaunbay Meet Grace Jones?

The couple originally met between late 1995 and early 1996 when Grace Jones just so happened to stop by the bar Atila Altaunbay worked at. Jones had just arrived at the door when she caught the bodyguard’s attention and asked him to come work for her right now.

Naturally, she offered him a greater salary, and it goes without saying that Atila, who was beginning out in life at the time and was 21 years old, found it difficult to refuse the promise of improved working conditions. He ultimately joined the Jamaican star, and while he worked to defend her, the two grew quite close, which is how things developed.

A few months into their employment relationship, the couple began dating. Only four months had passed since they had started dating when the Jamaican singer/actress proposed, and Atila Altaunbay said yes. While they were in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the traditional carnival parades, Jones made his proposal. Fans who had previously assumed that they were just coworkers were very surprised when it was revealed that they were engaged. On the deep drive into the Atila and grace married.

The Couple Getting Married

Before heading back to their original location, Atila and Jones tied the knot in Brazil. Their wedding took place on February 24, 1996, in a property in Rio de Janeiro described as being more humble. More specifically, the ceremony took place in the Presbyterian Missionary Area of the city.

Is Grace Jones Still Married To Atila Altaunbay

Only fifty people were invited to attend the event because it was a private gathering. It was said that immediately following their wedding ceremony, the pair went to the gym for a workout session, then traveled to New York for their honeymoon.

Following the conclusion of their honeymoon, Atila Altaunbay and Grace traveled to the home of the actress’s family in Syracuse. There, Grace Jones’ father insisted on performing a second wedding ceremony for the couple. The current article discusses the Fred Toucher Divorce

How Long Did Atila Altaunbay’s Marriage to Grace Jones Last?

Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones were wed in February 1996, and they were married for the succeeding eight years. The discussion around their generational age gap was only a brief controversy that subsided as they grew accustomed to married life.

The couple maintained a united front and the appearance of marital bliss throughout their relationship. But it soon became apparent that there had been some conflict in their relationship. When the couple made the decision to end their relationship and part ways in 2004, everything finally came to a head. Please keep reading to know about what caused their separation.

What Caused Their Separation?

According to Scopegater, Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones’ split sparked rumors. Atila declined to comment until Jones appeared on TV to present the facts. The Jamaican singer, model, and actor claim they had tried for years to make their marriage work. Grace explained that Atila became envious when she received too much attention from male fans.

Atila was insecure around her because she avoided attention. Atila seemed nervous when they battled over her male fans. The Turkish native threatened her life with a knife at her throat. Despite their relationship issues, the threat prompted Atila Altaunbay to leave Jones’ home. He reportedly returned home to his folks and never returned.

Grace stated she searched for Atila without success. Therefore, they parted in 2004 and remained so. Several Jamaican musician Atila fans speculated he went into hiding to avoid litigation.

The Couple Is Still Lawfully Bound

Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones are still considered to be legally married despite the fact that they have been living separate and apart for almost 19 years. Jones claims that she attempted to contact her former partner in order to get the details of their relationship fully sorted up; however, she was unable to get in touch with him.


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In addition, it was revealed that the famous actress was not really interested in divorcing Atila and that the Turkish native was also not ready for a divorce at that time. Furthermore, it was also hinted that the divorce was not going to happen. As a result, they have managed to maintain their marriage to this day.

How Many Children Does Atila Altaunbay Have?

Grace Jones and Atila Altaunbay have been married for over seven years, yet they have never had children together. Yet, the Turkish national’s union with Grace provided him the chance to adopt the stepfather role for the actress’s only child from a prior union. Paul Goude, Atila’s stepson, was born on November 12, 1979.

His biological father has been revealed to be Jean-Paul Goude, a French film director, and graphic designer. While Atila and Grace were still married, rumors suggested that the Turkish native had been fair to the kid of his ex-wife. Take a look at the most recent article here, Beyonce Files For Divorce.

Jones’ lone child clearly followed in his parent’s footsteps because he is a musician and works in the entertainment sector. Altaunbay is now the step-grandfather of Paul’s daughter since he is already a father.

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