Hunter Moore Net Worth 2022 Bio, Income, Career And More Details!

Hunter Moore Net Worth:  Hunter Moore, an American convicted offender, is from Sacramento. According to Rolling Stone, he’s one of the most loathed people on the Internet. Is Anyone Up? his 2010 revenge porn website, encouraged the illicit sharing of pictures of actual people with explicit sexual content.

There were a lot of images that had personal information attached to them, such as names and residences. Despite numerous requests, he refused to remove the images. This comparison was made by Moore in his “professional life ruiner” speech, where he made the comparison to Charles Manson. Since its inception, Moore has insisted that he is bound to Facebook’s terms and conditions.

The hacker who Moore hired to breach into the victims’ email accounts and collect private photographs to utilize in his online postings were also employed by Moore. In 2012, the FBI began investigating Moore after receiving information from the mother of a victim. Since then, the site has been deactivated and sold to an anti-bullying organization.

In February 2015, Moore entered a plea of guilty to charges of inciting unauthorized access to computer systems and aggravated identity theft. During the November 2015 sentencing, Moore was sentenced to two years and six months in jail, a $2,000 fine, and $145.70 in damages. He was finally released from prison in May of this year.Hunter Moore Net Worth 2022 Bio, Income, Career And More Details!

Hunter Moore’s Net Worth

Hunter’s earnings increased in lockstep with the site’s popularity. At one point, the site saw an average of 350,000 visitors every day. On All Famous Birthdays, Hunter Moore’s net worth in 2022 is expected to be $1.5 million. In addition to the money he made from site visitors, Celeb Seek estimates that he made between $8000 and $13000 each month from advertising revenue.

To put it another way, his wealth is likely to climb even more after the release of his book in 2018. Yes, that’s the name of the book. In ‘The Story of Revenge Porn,’ he exposed the backstory of his website.

Hunter Moore Early Life 

In the year 2010, Moore launched the website he’s working on now. It was originally intended to be a nightlife website, but after Moore and some of his friends received sexually explicit pictures from women they were hooking up with, the site was changed to feature revealing photos and videos of people who were not professional models, linked to their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

An incensed public reacted angrily when they learned the images had been taken from their personal computers or shared with ex-lovers and that they had been disseminated as a form of vengeance. Retaliation porn was coined to describe the material on the site as a result. Moore reportedly responded to many cease-and-desist orders with “LOL” and frequently argued that the law justified his acts.

There were 30 million page views and $8,000 to $13,000 a month in ad revenue, Moore claimed.  BBC News and Rolling Stone dubbed Moore “the Net’s most loathed guy” when he made a public boast about the website’s existence. Moore had his Facebook account suspended as a result of his involvement with the website.

In the end, Moore had to deal with a slew of lawsuits and an FBI probe. He was also stabbed in the shoulder with a pen by a woman who had appeared on the site. Fearing that he would be murdered in his sleep owing to repeated threats, Moore resided with his grandmother for a time.

Moore sold the website for $12,000 to an anti-bullying group led by former Marine James McGibney on April 19, 2012. After the sale, the website’s sexual content was scrubbed, and anyone trying to access it now finds themselves at

Hunter Moore Career 

On the heels of making a living, Moore launched his website in 2010 and the site was originally designed to provide “nightlife” content. While they were hooked on the women, he and his buddies received sexually explicit images from them and began publishing them on his website. Within a short period of time, he began posting pictures and videos of non-models on his website. Additionally, Moore linked his victims’ images to both their Facebook and Twitter accounts, which they had no knowledge of or control over.Hunter Moore Net Worth 2022 Bio, Income, Career And More Details!

The boyfriends and girlfriends of the people who were featured on Moore’s website began hacking the website’s content and exploiting the photos for their nefarious purposes after many people were angry. These images and videos were shared in the wake of their ex-partners’ retaliation. After a short time, the website took adopted the moniker “Revenge Porn” in reference to its content. A large number of people took issue with the content once it was made public, and Moore received numerous letters to that effect, to which he would merely reply “LOL” and claim that the laws of Facebook protested his actions.

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Hunter Moore Parents Details

A controversial website and Moore’s position as the most disliked person online made Hunter Moore’s parents a household name in the United States. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter are Hunter’s parents. Hunter’s parents maintained an unassuming demeanor while in the spotlight. Both Hunter and the others were pleased with the shift in strategy.

Moore’s way of life as it stands now. As far as we know, Hunter is the only member of the family. Kirra Hughes, Hunter Moore’s ex-girlfriend, is a character in The Hunter Moore Netflix series. Hunter presented the webpage to Kirra in a way that made sense to her at first, but she found it difficult to follow. There is additional information about Hunter Moore’s Net Worth on this page.

Personal Life Of Hunter Moore

Kirra Hughes was Hunter Moore’s girlfriend at the time. Many details about him and his graphic website were exposed by his ex-girlfriend, who appears in the Netflix series Upon learning of his website, Kirra found it unusual and had difficulty comprehending him. Moore’s actions began to have a negative impact on her outlook on him as she received multiple death threats as a result of them.

Once in New York, Kirra was fed up with threats and text messages. She is a model and prop designer now based in Brooklyn, New York. As of February 2015, Moore had been sentenced to two years in prison for felony charges of aggravated identity theft and aid in computer hacking. There were also fines and penalties of $145.70 for restitution imposed on him in November 2015. He got freed from prison in May of this year.

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