Apex Legends Season 14: Release Date Status, Cast, Vantage leaks & More Details!

Season 12 of Apex Legends is nearing its finish. Season 13 of Apex Legends will begin on May 10th, 2022. During season 12, Mad Maggie became a household name. Newcastle, along with new skins and awards, is scheduled to appear in Season 13; the respawn had already announced it. As a result, the show’s run might easily extend to two to three months after season 13 premieres.

As a result, we now know when Apex Legends Season 14 will be available. Even so, the Apex Legends Season 14 Release Date won’t be available until the end of Season 13, but we’ve acquired some leaks of the same Apex Legends Season 14 Release Date.

There’s a rumor going around that a new character called Hawk is currently being developed for the upcoming third season. The apex legends’ squad is putting the legend to the test by putting its skills and abilities to the test.

With a long way to go before the start of Season 3, this revelation has already piqued the interest of Apex Legends players everywhere. And the makers are doing everything they can to make it the greatest legend yet.

The Newcastle is now ready to make its debut in Season 13 on May 10th. Fans’ excitement has been heightened by the recent release of a teaser image. This time around, the shield benefits from enhanced dragging and deploying capabilities as well as increased protection.

Map Locations have also been updated. As a result, the next season of Apex Legends known as Season 13 or also referred to as saviors are ready to take off once it’s out.

In New Castle Legend, Jackson (also known as Bangalore) appears as the older brother of New Castle Legend’s protagonist. With so much in season 13, more could be expected in the upcoming season 14th. Apex Legends Season 14 Release Date has yet to be formally announced by the team, so all we have to do is wait.

Apex Legends Season 14 Release Date: Is This the Apex Legends Season 14th New Character Legend?

The Apex Legends Season 14 Release Date is expected in June or July, coinciding with the commencement of the 13th season. According to current predictions, Apex Legends Season 14 will arrive in August. Even if the situation changes. Furthermore, there is an ongoing test of the supposed character hawk.

Black is supposed to have a test run if Hawk doesn’t make an impact, but that doesn’t appear to be happening for the time being, as there’s only a limited amount of time left to expect Hawk to be the official legend of the season 14 officially and soon.

For Apex Legends Season 14, the release date is expected to be in late July or early July, and like season 13, the 14th season is expected to have several significant updates. It’s expected that new characters and skins, as well as updates to the terrain, will be coming out soon.

Apex Legends Season 14

The Apex Legends Season 14 release date and leaks are now complete. There’s still a long way to go, and the 13th season hasn’t even started yet! As a result, we’ll have to keep an eye out for any new developments. Keep an eye on our social media accounts for the next post.

Apex Season 14 Legend Vantage Leaks

Recon characters like Pathfinder and Bloodhound would be well served by Apex Legends Vantage’s ability to support her teammates from afar.

Also discovered by leakers in the game is a fully operational model of Vantage formerly known as Hawk. There was no evidence to suggest that Vantage’s cosmetics were included in the Season 13 battle pass leaked items, therefore she might be an Apex Legends Season 14 legend.

Known data miner Portugal recently tweeted about Vantage and hinted that she was the Apex Season 14 legendary figure.

Using this patch, a legend named “Vantage” will gain “charm,” according to the tweet.

Vantage’s skills were revealed in a major gameplay leak by ApexUncovered in March.

Apex Legends Season 14 Legend – Vantage Abilities

Along with the nine previously unknown tales, new talents were revealed. That is why in Apex Season 14 we’ll already know what Vantage can do.

With information leaking out, Vantage appears to be another Survival Sniper that thrives in long-range combat.

  • Vantage’s Passive – Sniper Kit

ADS or any long-range sight provides you with all the tactical information you need right at your fingertips (Legend name, shield rarity, team size, and range).

  • Vantage’s Tactical – Echo Launch

Make haste as you approach your keen-eyed friend, Echo. Get Echo by pressing Q. You can get to Echo by holding down Q.

  • Vantage’s Ultimate – Mark to Kill

a weapon of Vantage which detects and boosts the damage output of the user’s weapon. While using Vantage, your damage is boosted by a factor of 2. A 15 per cent bonus is given to the team when they hit their marked goals.

However, it is likely that the Vantage’s powers have changed after the video was recorded, or that some of them have been completely cancelled. To be fair.

If Respawn Entertainment hasn’t officially declared or disclosed the Legend yet, it’s plausible that it is. In Apex Legends Season 14, if the rumored abilities are any indication of her official kit, Vantage can dramatically disrupt the Gibraltar meta.

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