How To Transfer Airtime From MTN On MTN 2022?

There are other ways to transfer airtime on MTN without knowing the code, so it shouldn’t be as daunting as most people assumed. But don’t worry; I’ll go into great detail to show you how to transfer airtime from one MTN network to another and other networks. In addition, I’ll demonstrate how to obtain the MTN transfer code, how to clear the code, and even how to use the MTN airtime transfer default pin.

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How To Transfer Airtime From MTN On MTN?

MTN Share is equivalent to this service. To clear up any confusion for users of this service provider, the MTN Share service and the airtime transfer service employ the same procedures. Access to this service is available to all MTN users. You must be informed of the rules that apply to this service, though. Before using this service, postpaid users should consider the terms and conditions.

The primary guidelines are:

Any transfers are limited to Naira sums only. Your credit should read 50.00 Naira and not 50.29 Naira because Kobo transactions are not supported. Sending between 50 and 5,000 Naira is possible in a single transaction. The daily transfer cap is N100,000 (Naira). Please note that you can transfer this amount daily to one MTN phone number or to several MTN phone numbers.

You are permitted to transfer airtime as often as you like each day. Remember that your daily transfers cannot total more than N100,000. Users of the network who are postpaid can only transfer airtime when their postpaid account balance is positive and not harmful. For instance, you cannot transfer credit if you have -N500.00 and are a postpaid customer.

You cannot transfer an airtime credit amount for prepaid mobile service users more significant than the credit balance on your phone line. To transfer money to another client, you must have enough airtime credit on your phone to meet the requested amount.

To ensure that only the legitimate owner of the phone number can transfer his or her credit, the service uses individually chosen PIN codes. Additionally, it prevents unauthorized transfers of airtime credits to third parties using the sender’s phone line. An option for a personal identification number (PIN) protects MTN Share. Users of MTN are all assigned the same default PIN, 0000. This default PIN code cannot be used to transfer money. Before transferring the credit, anyone who wants to use the service must alter their MTN transfer code.

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How To Change The MTN Airtime Transfer Code?

How To Transfer Airtime From MTN On MTN 2022?
How To Transfer Airtime From MTN On MTN 2022?


  • Consider your new PIN. Not like 1234 or 5678, your unique four-digit number should be complex.
  • Consider the case where you chose PIN 5894 (remember, this was your idea; create your code). Send a text message in the following format: your new personal identification number, then the default PIN. Send the unknown number to 777 by entering it twice. For instance, the message might appear as 0000 5894 5894.
  • You will receive a prompt reply stating that the PIN modification was successful.
  • The personal identification number can also be changed using an additional way. Enter the number *777*0000*5894*5894# (where 5894 is your new PIN and four zeros is the original code) and press “OK” to finish.

How To Transfer MTN Airtime?

When transferring credit from one MTN telephone line to another, there are various techniques to apply.

Approach 1:

  • Transmit by SMS Use the short messaging service to send a text message to your service provider by dialling 777.
  • Send the word “Transfer” to the number 777, followed by the recipient’s phone number, the amount of credit you want to send, and your PIN code.
  • Let’s assume your PIN is 5894, and you want to send 1,000 Naira to MTN phone 08035555555. Enter the following text into your device: Send 08035555555 1000 5894. Just email it right now to 777.
  • After sending the text message, you will receive a confirmation request from the network provider. To finish this process, the word “YES” must be texted to the same number, 777. Visit this page for more information:

Approach 2:

  • USSD-based transfer This process is relatively easy. All you need to do is call *777*, then the recipient’s phone number, the desired amount, your PIN, and the # sign.
  • Again, enter *777*08035555555*1000*5894# if you want to transfer 1,000 Naira to an MTN phone line with the number 08035555555, and your PIN is 5894.
  • After dialling the code, press your device’s send or OK button.

How To Reset MTN Transfer PIN?

How To Transfer Airtime From MTN On MTN 2022?
How To Transfer Airtime From MTN On MTN 2022?

You might not be able to update your device’s PIN on your own if you forget your MTN transfer PIN. However, the procedure is straightforward; you only need to call MTN customer service at 180, and a representative will chat with you and walk you through the steps to find your lost PIN code.

If you wish to change your PIN, the procedure is different, but you can still remember your current PIN. The SMS technique or the USSD code can be used to do this.

  • For the SMS method, enter your new PIN code twice and your current PIN code once, and then text # to 777 from your device.
  • The SMS you send to 777 should exactly read 1000 5894 5894# if your current personal identification number is 1000 and you wish to change it to 5894. You must first send the code by dialling *777, followed by your existing PIN, new PIN, and new PIN#, to use the USSD technique.
  • Your USSD code should exactly match this: *777*1000*5894*5894# if your current PIN is 1000 and the new PIN you want to switch to is 5894.

This tutorial has all the details required if you’ve been trying to figure out how to transfer airtime from one MTN to another. Simply use the well-known MTN Share option to send your credit to the people you care about as soon as possible.

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