How Tall Is Daymond John? Is He Married?

Garfield Daymond John is an American entrepreneur, investor, and TV personality born on February 23, 1969. The man who started FUBU and serves as its president and CEO also appears as an investor on the ABC reality show Shark Tank. John is the company’s founder and has an office in New York.

Who is Daymond John?

New York native and entrepreneur Daymond John was raised in Queens. A program at his high school allowed him to work full-time one week and attend school the next, sparking his early interest in the business. Since then, he has been working nonstop.

In 1985, when he was only 23 years old, he launched FUBU from his mother’s kitchen table in Queens. Mr. John noticed that the $20 was too high for well-liked ski headgear.

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He learned to sew from his mother, and he and his neighbor later sold about 90 hats on Jamaica Avenue.

In just one day, they made $800. After modest success, FUBU has amassed almost $6 billion in sales worldwide. Moreover, an exhibition of FUBU garments may be found in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Success for Daymond John did not end with his FUBU label. His participation on the ABC show Shark Tank, which showcases business owners hoping to expand their operations, began in 2009. People like Daymond John, who have made it big and are willing to invest in new firms, are the “sharks” in this metaphor.

Daymond has put his money into several companies that have gone on to great success, such as Bubba’s-Q Boneless Ribs, Mo’s Bows, and Bombas. Daymond John is a public speaker, co-founder of Daymond John’s Success Formula, and brand management & consulting firm The Shark Group.

How Tall Is Daymond John-

How Tall Is Daymond John?

Despite his intimidating persona, Daymond John is about 5 feet, 6 inches, or 5 feet, 9 inches tall. About 160 pounds is his current weight.

Is Daymond John Married?

Mrs. Heather Taras is Mr. John’s current wife and second. Daughter Minka Jagger was born to them. Besides his son, Daymond also has two daughters from a prior relationship. The two of them are known as Destiny and Yasmeen.

Daymond John’s Net Worth

The fact that Daymond John has amassed a lot of fortune is not shocking. He’s a real deal and a diligent worker who’s accomplished much in his life. Success has finally come his way after all of his efforts. It is believed that he is worth $330 million.

How Old is Daymond John?

Daymond John is 53 years old on his birthday, February 23, 1969. (at the time of writing). He is a perfect illustration of a stylish man over 50.



  • Daymond John’s Success Formula became Next Level Success in September 2019.


  • John married his second wife, Heather Taras, in 2018. They have a kid together, Minka Jagger. His two daughters from his first marriage are Destiny and Yasmeen.


  • John got a call from Mark Burnett in 2009, inviting him to be a cast member on ABC’s reality business show Shark Tank. The show gives entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their firms to investors known as “Sharks” to secure funding. As of this season, it has aired for a total of eleven seasons. As of May 12, 2017, John had put $8,567,000 of his money into Shark Tank firms. By 2015, Al “Bubba” Baker’s boneless ribs & Bombas socks were among his most favored investments. Shark Tank received the Emmy for Outstanding Reality Program in 2012, 2013, and 2016.
  • After investing in Bubba’s-Q Boneless Ribs on Season 5 of Shark Tank, John has watched the company’s revenue grow from $154,000 to $16 million. For a short time in 2017, Carl’s Jr. and Bubba’s-Q Boneless Ribs collaborated to bring you the Baby Back Rib Burger.
  • John’s stage II thyroid cancer was discovered in April of this year. The malignant nodule was effectively excised during John’s operation.


  • John co-founded Daymond John’s Success Formula in 2015 to help company owners and entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground and thriving.
  • John was named an ambassador by President Obama in 2015 to help marginalized business owners.


  • John has spoken as a motivational and business speaker at events such as the 2010 Women’s Conference hosted by California First Lady Maria Shriver, AT&T‘s History Makers Tour, the Babson College School of Entrepreneurship, Rutgers University, and the Creative LIAisons program at the annual London International Awards.


  • John and his mom saw an opportunity and decided to mortgage their home for $100,000 to use as seed money for their business. He enlisted the help of lifelong pals J. Alexander Martin and Keith Perrin, in addition to Brown. They began stitching the FUBU emblem onto hockey jerseys, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. Over two years, they rented out ten hockey jerseys to rap artists for use in music videos, resulting in thirty product placements. Despite being a very modest business, their apparel line was requested by retailers across the country. He had an old friend from the neighborhood, LL Cool J, wear a FUBU T-shirt in a 1993 advertising campaign, and he was able to talk him into it. After that, LL Cool J sported a FUBU hat and rapped the phrase “for us, by us” in a 30-second commercial he filmed for The Gap.


  • John saw people buying wool ski caps with the tops tied off with fishing lines for $20 and thought it was too much. Once he got home, he and his neighbor stitched together about 90 caps. On that 1992 day, they made $800 by selling hats they had created for $10 each on the corner of Jamaica Avenue. They moved on to selling screen-printed T-shirts when the hats were a hit. They started by selling on consignment and at regional festivals in the Northeast. John worked a full-time job at Red Lobster while running the FUBU business in his spare time.
  • At the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas in 1992 or 1994, John received orders totaling $300,000 and an invitation to showcase his wares at Macy’s (M). They had to take out a second mortgage on his mother’s house to meet the deadline. His mom spent the rest of the family’s money on an ad in the New York Times after being turned down for a loan by 27 different financial institutions. FUBU and Samsung Textiles agreed because the advertisement allowed the latter to fulfill FUBU’s requests.


  • Garfield Daymond Born on February 23, 1969, John is a multi-talented American entrepreneur, investor, TV personality, author, and keynote speaker. The man who started FUBU and serves as its president and the chief executive officer also acts as a shark on the ABC reality show Shark Tank. John is the company’s founder and has an office in New York.
  • John was born in Brooklyn on February 233, 1969. However, he spent much of his childhood in the Hollis area of Queens. When his parents split up, he started working at the young age of 10. His first job was passing out flyers for $2 an hour. He attributes his entrepreneurial drive to a program he participated in during high school that allowed him to work full-time while attending weekly classes. After finishing high school, he launched a commuter van service and served tables at Red Lobster.

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