Is Guero10k In Jail? Has He Been Charged With Murder?

Guero 10k was conceived on February 15, 2001. This rapper goes by the stage name Guero 10k, but his actual name is Christian Cavazos. He was born an Aquarius and had 20 years of age.

In the United States, he was also born and reared in Dallas, Texas. His parents and other personal information are hidden because he likes a low-key lifestyle. This rapper was also a Justin F. Kimball High School student.

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Is Guero10k In Jail?

Some stories are going around that Guero10k has been detained. While many insist it’s true, some argue it’s a rumor. To be clear, we only stated that the young rapper was arrested in connection with a shooting that occurred a few years ago. The shooting took place in Huston on December 27, 2019.

A source claims that a fight between Cashout Ace and the 10K criminal street gang led to the start of the shootout. The Cashout Ace music video was being shot when there were reports of gunfire. When the police arrived, they found two dead individuals, nine men who had been shot, and others severely injured.

On September 1, 2021, while the matter was still being investigated, the rapper was taken into custody when one of his buddies who had been involved in the crime said Guero10k was also implicated. Consequently, the shootout’s participants were accused of double murder and organized crime.

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What is Guero10k Real Name?

Guero10k’s real name is Christian Cavazos Junior, born in 2001. The rapper is currently 20 years old and celebrates his birthday on February 15th. Additionally, as he keeps most of his personal information private, specifics regarding his parents and other family members are unreported.

Has He Been Charged With Murder?

Guero10k In Jail
Guero10k In Jail

This rapper was accused of two murders in Houston in December 2019. Guero also shot and seriously hurt the rapper Cashout Ace, which was an ample justification for the brutality. Guero 10k and the 10k road group had to compete with Cashout Ace.

The rapper shot everyone in the area when he went to kill him. In addition, 9 people were shot; Gonzalo Gonzalez, 20, and Johnathan Gimenez, 22, died as a result. And on that specific day, 1 suffered severe injuries. The rapper’s sidekick admitted that he was driving and that he was the one who killed those people by shooting them.

Authorities searched the rapper’s home and found guns, weapons, marijuana, codeine, and cash. He was accused of two homicides and now faces a hefty prison term.

Additionally, this individual is charged with killing two people in their 60s. But after being accused of two murders and countless violent crimes, he is currently incarnated.

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