Gabrielle Union On Infidelity In Marriage To Chris Howard!

Gabrielle Union On Infidelity In Marriage: Though she doesn’t necessarily regret the affair, Gabrielle Union regrets her previous marriage. Union, 50, made an appearance on Monday on Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast. There, the two talked about cheating in previous relationships.

The “Bring It On” actress called her previous union to Chris Howard, a former NFL player, “dysfunctional from day one.” 2001 saw their marriage, and 2006 saw their divorce.

Union claimed, “I was not winning wife of the year accolades.” In my first marriage, neither my husband nor I believed that our dating should be interfered with by our marriage.

She said that Howard’s alleged infidelity brought on the part of her alleged adultery, and the other portion was due to her beliefs regarding the dynamics of power in partnerships.

“I just thought I should have it too. I was making all the payments. Whoever has the most gets to do whatever the heck they want, just like my dad before me, she continued. ‘Your responsibility is to love them,’ says Gabrielle Union of the LGBTQ youngsters she raises and the movie “Inspection.”

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Shepard revealed that he was previously in an open relationship for nine years. While he regrets some of the things he did at that time but doesn’t regret everything. Shepard is currently married to actress Kristen Bell. Union replied, “I wish I had more guilt for some of that,” in response.

Gabrielle Union On Infidelity In Marriage To Chris Howard!
Gabrielle Union On Infidelity In Marriage To Chris Howard!

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She described the marriage as “such a ridiculous relationship that should have never progressed beyond the courtship phase.”

The actress added that Union and Howard had a therapy session as a present from a friend, and the therapist advised them to separate since they have “nothing in common.”

Union also recalled the therapist saying to the couple,  The one thing you guys have in common is other people.” The “Bad Boys II” star admitted that, looking back, she sought “approval” from people of a certain stature.

Since 2014, Union has been wed to former NBA star Dwyane Wade. They have a 3-year-old daughter named Kaavia James. Wade is also the father of three children from prior relationships: son Zaire, 20, daughter Zaya, 15, and son Xavier Zechariah, 9. In her new memoir, Gabrielle Union claims she was “broken” after Dwyane Wade fathered a kid.

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